Internship Journey Begins

In a blink of an eye, 2 years of college life is almost up. I am currently in internship program required by my college. I am internally crying for I am a type 2 introvert, and I am also a S & C from the DISC spectrum. Anywho, the company that I interned with is somewhat my dream company at my hometown, now I am on my 2nd day of the 3 months program. My current colleagues are nice people and they are super friendly, one of the Sabahan trait.

Working for a familiar magazine company is most of everyone’s dream, including mine. I have yet to learn a lot, I’m turning 20 tomorrow on the 27th. Yay quarter life crisis.

Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year! It’s 2017, GMT+8 My time zone. A lot of things happened last year and what had burnt into my memories were bad ones. Both from college and home. Moving on, I hope 2017 would be better, I’m going in to my early 20s and it wouldn’t be fun. I am finishing my diploma studies soon and I will be in my internship in May. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I AM NOT READY FOE ADULTHOOD! Not only that, I am thinking of celebrating my 20th birthday at Japan; it’s had always been my dream to go Japan for once. Earlier Japan trip dreams were mostly to feed my weeaboo dreams, now it’s a different for Touken Ranbu and Bungou Stray Dogs came into my life and shifted my travel purpose.

I do sincerely hope my Japan trip dream would happen, it would make my 20th birthday worth awhile. And, I do hope I wouldn’t want to see nor face back stabbers that hurt me last year. 2017 would be a slow year for Baked Potatoes since I would be in internship in May and won’t have all the free time to watch anime and review them on time. further more, I have college to worry about and I need to keep those potential back stabbers away. Ewwwwwwwwww. * takes out repellent * I should probably stop bitching on  New years. Last but certainly not least, I am officially starting my Itabag lifestyle. /Laugh cry I need a new life.


Happy New Year 2017! Stay Awesome people.


The Aftermath of Mystic Messenger

Hey guys, Minami here. A few weeks ago I posted an intro on the current phenomenal Mobi Otome Game, Mystic Messenger AKA MISTAKE Messenger. Here is the aftermath review of the game. Post Reset AU PTSD.

Honestly, this game is the death of me ATM. I had to wake up at 2 3 am JUST to wait for the chat room and it ain’t fun. My sleeping schedule is so fucked up and I can’t function well for my 8 am classes. Ever since the Reset AU theory, this game is killing me like how my Touken Danshis, Touken Ranbu The dark side of Touken Ranbu Did to me.  I regret founding out about it at 2 FUCKING AM. YOU DON’T FUCKING MESS WITH MY FEELINGS AT AN UNGODLY HOUR! /flips the whole world.

I am so fucking done with my life right now… Mystic Messenger is really a Mistake for all of us.


Here is the link for my previous post on MM > Mystic Messenger AKA Mistake Messenger

Final Fantasy masks turn the Tokyo Game Show floor into a creepily handsome place to be 【Photos】 — RocketNews24

Final Fantasy XV still hasn’t been released, but its heroes were out and about all over the Tokyo Game Show. You’ll spot plenty of attractive people at the Tokyo Game Show, as its common practice for presenters to hire beautiful models to beckon passersby to take a look at their booths. This year, though, an…

via Final Fantasy masks turn the Tokyo Game Show floor into a creepily handsome place to be 【Photos】 — RocketNews24

A Fujoshi’s heaven on earth exists in Ikebukuro’s Boy’s Love Academy cafe

Hmmmm……………… I might considering dropping by if I am able to travel to Japan.


Japan should officially be known as the land of themed cafés. From cat cafés to owl cafés, character cafés and maid cafés… there’s even a café where you can pay 980 yen (US$9.57) to get two young men to share a stick of Pocky. Mouth to mouth. And that’s not all that is on their fantasy-inducing menu.

Regardless if you’re a fujoshi (girls who are fans of homoerotic fiction) or not, you should take a peek behind this particular curtain, because honestly, this probably isn’t something you’d get to see on an average day!

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Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret

Oh my gosh!!! I FINALLY bought myself the latest PSP game installment for the Uta no Prince-sama series!!!

All Star After Secret

I bought this game out of misery cause my Facebook walls was spammed with CG spoilers. The website I bought the game from is CDjapan.

I am satisfied with the service~


Unopen parcel of my game

Freebies : Reiji fiber cloth and Kiss Me Cards (STARISH and Quartet Night)

Freebies : Reiji fiber cloth and Kiss Me Cards (STARISH and Quartet Night)

The game ( outside)

The game ( outside)

The game (Inside)

The game (Inside)

I can’t wait to play my baby cause I can ignore the internet for weeks! So, I can’t wait to upgrade my PSP~