Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: So far, So good

Hey Potatots! How’s your Summer so far? Good? Bad? Meh? Well, here is the update and my thoughts of Katsugeki TouRabu so far….

It’s just the second week of airing and it is already damn good for the first two episodes. The graphics and CG were JUST AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING! -35bcda87860645fe Sasuga Ufotable and their high budget. Even during the first episode, I am drawn to the fire CG that they produced Like WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?! It’s more beautiful that the swords. /cue all my babies being butt hurt

As for the music, MY GOD I WANT TO CRY SO BAD!!! It’s so good, the OP is sang by our Tsurururururu aka Saito Soma, it is so beautiful yet angsty at the same time. As for the ED (Ep 2 on wards) was sang by Kalafina, and it is SUPERBLY ANGSTY! Kalafina has the eerie nice vocals that gives me chills after Kuroshitsuji’s Lacrimosa. received_200407173657214

I won’t spoil any story plot points, I’ll save that for the review. If you are still speculating on watching Katsugeki or not… Let me drop some screen shots to convince ya’ll to  watch Saniwa or not.




If you already watched Katsugeki, what are your thoughts for it? See you guys soon for the review~


The dark side of Touken Ranbu

Hi guys! Happy April Fools! It’s okay to prank others but don’t let your pranks go out of hand. And, this is not any random blog post. This is a blog post for Fujinsei Blog Carni I am writing about my journey into the wonderful world of Sword Boys, Touken Ranbu.

received_200407173657214 Tsurumaru: Odoroitaka? Aruji-sama?

Mind the stupid crane from above. He’s Tsurumaru Kuninaga. Anyways, Touken Ranbu is an online net game from DMM with the partnership of Nitro+. We the players, are saniwa sages that traveled back in time to bring life to inanimate objects to defeat monsters that wanted to change the course of history. And, thus the pretty sword boys are born.  To a newbie, Touken Ranbu would be interesting since we are learning Japanese history trough hot sexy swords. But, for us older saniwas…. We are the dark side of this wonderful game. I fell into the sinning hell when I’m only 6 months old as a saniwa sage.

received_10209142974557359 Kashuu: Aruji… Why did you harm yourself like this?

Touken Ranbu is also very addictive, once you are in it. There is no turning back…. I did not regret anything since I met lots of new friends in this fandom and half of them were responsible for my corruption as a perverted saniwa sage.

received_482325201969021 Mikazuki: Why is she even my master.

Since last year, after my depression with UtaPri Season 3’s disappointment I started writing fanfic for Touken Ranbu. It’s really fun and interesting since I get to broaden my fanfic fandom. I don’t know what came over me and I was able to write 3 NSFW fanfics for this particular fandom and I’m improving for them.  And all my friends were some how supportive for me since they are also corrupted saniwas. Lol

16-04-02-12-21-06-917_deco Kashuu: * face palm * Aruji-sama…..

Not only that, the musical for TouRan was Superb! I even downloaded it on my lappy. Now I can watch it anytime. The songs were amazing, they are mostly poison to my ears.

received_200411826990082 Tsurumaru: I’m judging you from a far, aruji-sama…

Now, we’ve reached the end of this pointless post. I know you guys are judging me already… I don’t really care. Touken Ranbu is what I love more than anything in the world already. I chose TouRan over my boyfriend sometimes… Nuff said, this game is a double sided blade for me.



Drop by my Fanfic only blog, Minami’s fanfics to read those NSFW fics I mentioned before. Ciaos! Have a happy April 1st!

received_10209163383427568Kousetsu: Time to go home now Aruji-sama… You need to take your meds.