Shingeki no Kyojin Live Action Review

First things first, I am not a huge fan of Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan; nor watched the series itself. So, please don’t flame this review. I know the story since I have friends who shoved this series down my throat.

I watched the Live Action adaptation of everyone’s (except for me) favorite , Shingeki no Kyojin and boy was I disappointed to the MAX!!! ━┻━┻; (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?! THIS ISN’T SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN!!! HOW THE FUCK COULD MIKASA BE A SQUAD LEADER ?! I am not happy that they swapped out A LOT of awesome characters from the franchise.  Not just swapping characters, they also changed the name of the village were Mikasa , Eren and Armin grew up. (ノ ̄皿 ̄)ノ ⌒=== ┫
Next, the producers fucking skipped the training part of the 104th trainees. BIG MISTAKE! Why the hell that they ship Sasha and Armin together?! That’s not right. I feel bad for the underappreciated characters from the franchise. And this Shikishima person , you maybe badass but, Heicho would always be the best.
And… This would probably be Heicho’s reaction when he watched the movie.

Levi: Who the fuck is this guy?!
Minami (Me): He is your replacement for the movie.
Levi: What the fuck?! He’s horrible. * tches*
Minami: I know the producers said your name was too hard to pronounce and your height is… They tried to make it more ‘realistic’. But, SnK is fiction!! (இдஇ;
Levi:  Tch… * breaks my laptop * I don’t want to see that shit again.
Minami: ╥﹏╥ My laptop…

The only scene that saved the entire movie was the appearance of Titan Eren. Overall, I really disliked the movie. Argh…. THEY FUCKING CUT OFF THE ARMOR TITAN!!! GDI!!!! WHY?! And, there’s news that Hollywood is also planning to make a movie for Snk. I’m not gonna say anything. But, PLEASE PUT THE CHARACTERS IN THE FUCKING MOVIE NO FILLER CHARACTERS!!


Story:  7.9/10

Character Development: 8.5/10

Music: N/A

Overall: 8.5/10