Games: Separating Fact & Fictions

Warning: IF you are butthurt after reading this, you need to take the advice given to heart

Hey Potatots! It’s another serious topic post. The ACG community really needs to chill and stop making themselves look bad. It is really childish and irritating. Most of you know and did stumble upon the recent news regarding Fate Grand Order (FGO) on Facebook or any other place on the internet. The news is about some fans dispute regarding the upcoming event (Next week- 13/6/18) <Guda Guda Teitou Seihai Kitan> would have some ties with the year 1945 of Japan. We all know that 1945 is the last years of World War 2 in factual history. All of you would be wondering why the fricking hell is World War 2 involved with something fictional?! And… Here is the story.

Recently, the FGO team – TypeMoon and Delight Works had announced the upcoming event for the Japanese Server would be having a new event <Guda Guda Teitou Seihai Kitan>* which would be set in the year 1945 with a bit of Meiji era roots; new servants would also be joining. A day after the announcement; few Asian non-FGO players (?) decided to voice their opinion regarding the aftermath of 1945 and Japan back then. Yes, Japan did awful things in the Asian content and majority of the Asians in Asia were affected even MY own family was affected. However, it is the 21st century now we must forgive the past and learn from it. Some may not be able to forget it; we need to forgive. But, FGO is a FICTIONAL story/game THAT HAS NO TIES WITH HISTORICAL FACTS in their story; the whole petty drama came out of nowhere prior to the announcement. IF you are reading this and got butthurt from it, PLEASE take this advice to the heart; THINK before you decided to start an argument and DON’T BE AN IDIOT!

After this, if you still won’t buy this statement; here is a more blunt way of explaining the whole situation. Lets put America into the picture, they are involved with quite a lot of political BS and YOU got offended, would you boycott to watch movies from Hollywood? Or boycott TV Shows and books? Some would; but would it affect the booming industry when in rake in Millions? It is the same concept with TypeMoon and Delight Works, FGO raked in a lot of income, they would disregard this petty thing and proceed with their planning. As a neutral person standing on this, my last advice to you all. Please separate fact with fiction, if you don’t want to play FGO then stay away from it.

*Prior to this, the incident is very fresh, it is a recent one. If you are curious about what sparked the petty drama here if the Facebook Post regarding it ~> If you guys have your own opinions regarding this, please do share in the comments I would love to read them.


Games Recommendation: Ensemble Stars

Hello Potatots (possible nick name for readers?), this is my first recommendation post. I will be recommending a game that is dear to me and was responsible for my itabag
that I had been working on. I had brought a few friends into this game and they are more poison than me. lololololol I don’t really care about rankings, I just love to play the game because it was F.U.N .

What is Ensemble Stars?

Ensemble Stars is a mobile idol game from Happy Elements. YOU play as Anzu the female player that had been enrolled to Yumenosaki Academy and is the only girl to be enrolled to the academy. Being the only female student in the school, you are also chosen to be in the producer course to produce idols.

Currently, there are 2/3 versions for Ensemble Stars. I personally play 2 versions, Japanese and Chinese from China version. Although Ensemble Stars has the same system in both Japanese and Chinese Version, the Chinese version has some new features that are quite cool.

Some Features only exclusive to the Chinese version:

Rhythm Game (Actual Rhythm Game)Room (Latest one, Room!)Courtyard (Courtyard roaming. P/S you could also give gifts to the boys during their birthday)

Event (Idol battle for the CN exclusive cards)

Friends (Friends! :D) Limited CN cards (Limited Editon cards for CN EnStars)

Music for your log in page.png (Music for your profile page, you can unlock BGM from completing the rhythm game with full  ♪♪♪)

The Japanese ES is a bit dull and I honestly goes on and off with it. I am used to the Chinese one. lel. I know I had been pushing the Chinese Version. Both the Japanese and Chinese version are VERY similar in gameplay and story.

Japanese ES Feature:

Ori JPN ES (Usual Tapping game, no Rhythm)Ori JPN ES 2 (No petting, just poke them to see there expression)

How to get the games?

For the Japanese version: QooApp (Android User), Change regional settings from your usual Apple ID to Japanese ID)

For Chinese Version: You must have a Wechat ID or a QQ ID to play. It’s also downloaded via WeChat or QQ (Android), Change regional ID from your local to Chinese ID)


Disclaimer: Play and fall into hell in your own risk, I am a casual player. I am not responsible for any fangirl overload

The Idols

BOLD names are leaders

TrickStar Trickstar (L to R: Yuuki Makoto CV: Morikubo Showtaro, Hidaka Hokuto CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa – Former Maeno Tomoaki – Current, Akehoshi Subaru CV: Kakihara Tetsuya , Isara Mao CV: Kaji Yuki)

FINE.png Fine the douches (L to R: Tenshouin Eiichi CV: Midorikawa Hikaru, Hibiki Wataru CV: Eguchi Takuya, Fushimi Yuzuru CV: Hashimoto Koutaro Himemiya Tori CV: Murase Ayumu)

UNDEAD.png UNDEAD ( L to R: Sakuma Rei CV: Masuda Toshiki , Otogari Adonis: Hatano Wataru, Oogami Koga CV: Ono Yuki, Hakaze Kaoru CV: Hosogai Kei)

Knights.png Knights My babies ( L to R: Sakuma Ritsu CV: Yamashita Daiki, Narukami Arashi CV: Kitamura Ryo, Tsukinaga Leo CV: Asanuma Shintaro, Sena Izumi CV: Ito Masami, Suou Tsukasa CV: Tsuchida Reio)

Ryuseitai.png Ryuseitai Power Rangers (L to R: Shinkai Kanata CV: Nishiyama Koutaro, Nagumo Tetora CV: Nakajima Yoshiki, Takamine Midori CV: Watanabe Takumi, Morisawa Chiaki CV: Jose Yuichi, Sengoku Shinobu CV: Niita Anjyu)

RaBits.png Ra*bits shotas ( L to R: Mitsuru Tenma CV: Ikeda Junya, Shino ajime CV: Kosaka Tomoya, Nito Nazuna CV: Yonai Yuki, Mashiro Tomoya CV: Hiruma Shunya)

2Wink.png 2Wink my other babies (L to R: Aoi Hinata CV: Saito Soma, Aoi Yuuta CV: Saito Soma)

Akatsuki.pngAkatsuki ( L to R: Hasumi Keito CV: Umehara Yuichiro, Kiryu Kuro CV: Kamio Shinichiro, Kanzaki Soma CV: Kaminaga Keisuke)

Valkyrie.jpg Valkyrie ( L to R: Kagehira Mika CV: Oosuka Jun, Itsuki Shun CV: Takahashi Hiroki)

Switch.png Switch ( L to R: Aoba Tsumugi CV: Ishikawa Kaito, Sakasaki Natsume CV: Nojima Kenji, Harukawa Sora CV: Yamamoto Kazutomi)

Do tell me if you are already playing Ensemble Stars or planning to play after reading this post!


See You guys next time~ ♥

The Aftermath of Mystic Messenger

Hey guys, Minami here. A few weeks ago I posted an intro on the current phenomenal Mobi Otome Game, Mystic Messenger AKA MISTAKE Messenger. Here is the aftermath review of the game. Post Reset AU PTSD.

Honestly, this game is the death of me ATM. I had to wake up at 2 3 am JUST to wait for the chat room and it ain’t fun. My sleeping schedule is so fucked up and I can’t function well for my 8 am classes. Ever since the Reset AU theory, this game is killing me like how my Touken Danshis, Touken Ranbu The dark side of Touken Ranbu Did to me.  I regret founding out about it at 2 FUCKING AM. YOU DON’T FUCKING MESS WITH MY FEELINGS AT AN UNGODLY HOUR! /flips the whole world.

I am so fucking done with my life right now… Mystic Messenger is really a Mistake for all of us.


Here is the link for my previous post on MM > Mystic Messenger AKA Mistake Messenger

Mystic Messenger AKA Mistake Messenger

‘Every morning I wake up to the same sweet sound
Picking up my cell phone that’s been ringing’

        Have you ever wonder how is it like when you downloaded an app on the App Store or Play Store that will lead you into an anonymous chat room  with lots of handsome guys? Other than some weird ass fantasy from despo  women, no right? Oi, Minami… Your one of them And… That is where Mystic Messenger came into our lives to feed us with handsome Oppas to save us from being despo. No, it just made us thirstier… 

       I found out about this game from my friends through social media, I got curious when my friends were posting screen shots of the game and complained on how they missed a call from their ‘darlings’… I got curious on WHAT exactly the game is about, curiosity kills the cat…That is how Mistake Messenger came into my fucked up life. I’m still recovering slowly from my break up so…

     The game itself was good for it’s created and developed by Cheritz a Korean gaming company which made both Dandelion and Nameless. At first, I have issues with the game. Constantly bug issue. I was forced to quit the game for a short while, now I am back to the hell hole. Minami… Why?  I can’t say much for the game for I haven’t finish the whole thing and the fandom is feeding me with  A LOT of unwanted things. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A HAPPY AND FUN GAME, NOT A K DRAMA WIP!  I am suffering with the latest angst regarding Seven aka Luciel aka Saeyong. I CAN’T LOOK AT THE OPENING THE SAME WAY AGAIN! * Gross sobbing in a corner *

    Each of the character had their own problems and demons to deal with, pffftttt…. Typical K Drama in the making. Not that I complain though… It’s too much for me to handle even though I don’t mind spoilers. All in all, MISTAKE MESSNGER STOP FEEDING ME WITH ANGST!!! I guess the theory is true then. The one that had the biggest smile is sad in the inside. * whispers * Seven… Oi! Spoiler!

     As an avid Otome gamer and veteran, I am happy that Otome games are getting recognition in the gaming society. I hope more people will be exposed to it, however I do also hope that they do take otome seriously though. I am really fed up with people that complain about the gaming style. * face desk *  For new otome gamers, they are also a lot of otome games waiting for you to try. Or, if you are curious on otome. Feel free to find me. 😀

       Lastly, Mystic Messenger is a highly recommended game from me personally if you want to venture into the world of otome gaming.

Rating: 9/10


Minami’s Oppa raking

No. 1 ~ Zen


^ Even though he is a bit narcissistic, I can’t help but fell for him in first glance.

No. 2 ~ 707, Luciel Choi Saeyong


^ I am so heartbroken about his current angst.

No. 3 ~ Han Jumin


^ Tokiya’s rich Korean Cousin.

No. 4 ~ V, yes. V. the guy that doesn’t have a route



No. 4 ~ Unkown, Choi Saeran


^ Another poor soul. CHERITZ! I DEMAND A SEQUEL GAME!

No. 5 ~Kim Yoosung


^ This boi is last cause his siscon problem

Comment below on your experience of this game. I’d like to read them 🙂

Diabolik Lovers Review

Hi guys, Minami here. You guys most probably knew that I’m a hard core Otome fan right? I honestly hated how NON Otome fans treated Diabolik Lovers, yes. I know they are sadistic and mean towards Yui and I know the anime sucks so bad. But, did you ever realized that DiaLovers IS AN OTOME GAME? No right?  As an avid Otome game player, please think twice before choosing an Otome Game adapted Anime to watch. Enough with my rant, lets get down to business.

Diabolik Lovers is an Otome game developed by both Rejet and Otomate. It had 5 games and a lot of Drama CDs. I personally had a love hate relationship with the franchise itself due to the characters. Diabolik Lovers tells the story of a girl, Komori Yui. She was sent to live in the Sakamaki mansion by her father. Yui met 6 handsome young men at the mansion. The 6 boys were the Sakamaki brothers, the eldest > Shuu ; second eldest > Reiji ; the triplets > Ayato, Kanato, Laito ; the youngest > Subaru. The brothers were not fully brothers as they were all born from different mothers. Bad parenting strike 1 Yui was treated like a blood bag to them, although she is only human. She has her rights.

The boys treated her that way was also contributed on how their mothers raised them. Bad parenting strike 2 Each of them had their own problem, Shuu could care less about the world was due to the loss of his dear friend, Edgar. Whereas for Reiji, He just wanted his mother and brother to acknowledge him and thus him being so uptight and he hated his brother, Shuu for taking all the attention. Next, the triplets…. Can I not talk about them? No.   Ayato, Kanato and Laito. I have issues with these 3. Why? They were raised up wrongly by their mother. Ayato was forced to study all the time in his childhood and was thrown to the fountain if he did not listen, ouch. Kanato, he is a bit childish for his own age. He throws tantrum every time when things did not got his way. This was due that his mother did not give him any motherly attention, she was busy screwing up men. She even screw some of them in front of him. Ugh…. Kanato cherishes his Teddy bear, Teddy for he thinks it’s a gift from his mother. poor boy, he need therapy. Last of the triplets, Laito. This boy had A LOT of issues. He fucked his own mother and he does not know what true motherly love means. Laito is a guy that needws therapy ASAP. I can’t bear with him and his sex addict lifestyle. And, last but not least; Subaru. Subaru is a decent guy, just anti social and he is easily angered. His own mother rejected him as she was forced into a marriage that she does not want to be into.

Moving on, the game and the anime has differences for the anime is JUST AN ADVERTISEMENT for the game. The production company wanted the fans to play the game to find out more. And, it is true. The game is more dark as it had more secrets about the Sakamaki bothers. If you are the type that complains about HOW BAD the anime is after watching, I suggest you to stop choosing otome games adapted series and try a different genre, cause the original source is important. I have to admit, the anime does have good artwork, but I still prefer the original game artwork.


The artwork from the game, it had the feel

Dialovers animu

Artwork of the anime, the feel was there but not as impactful as the game.

But, it is not up to me to judge what kind of fan are you all. I am simply an avid Otome game player that defend any otome games adapted anime that had the bad treatment from anime watchers that doesn’t understand the otome games and the way of the game play itself.  Lastly, Diabolik Lovers is a good series. The game and Drama CDs are amazing, it is up to you to decide.


Story: 8.5/10

Music: 8.7/10

Character Development: 8.1/10 

Overall: 8.9/10


Prince of Stride: Alternative Review

Hi guys, long time I haven’t update anything here. Even though I had been to at least 3 Cons this month. Laziness and College assignment had been keeping me from updating. Anywho, I’m giving my thoughts and rant for the recently ended ‘otome’ series, Prince of Stride Alternative. I was really hyped that in Winter 2016, there was an otome game based anime, at the first few episodes approximately, Ep 1 – 4 the story line was great; Otome based. But, the episodes after that…. It went down the drain. フル(・_・ 三・_・)フル フル(・_・ 三・_・)フル I wonder what went wrong….

The story plot was nice, typical sports anime themed. The main male lead, Yagami Riku was the typical male shounen protagonist. Hot blooded, almost at the verge to give up but didn’t. Wait… WHAT?! WHAT DOES THIS HAS TO DO WITH OTOME?! ブン( ̄ロ ̄= ̄ロ ̄)ブン Shouldn’t the main be the leading lady?! WHAT ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME HERE DENGEKI GIRLS SIDE?! ヽ(#`Д´)ノ┌┛〃∩AhーAhーAhー  Honestly, the leading lady ~ Nana is WORST THAN Heroine-chan and Enma combined. I mean like WTF, she is so useless. The guys practically out shined her, what kind of otome game based anime is this?? (# ゚Д゚)つ〃∩ ゴルァ ゴルァ ゴルァ I’m never this disappointed ever, mind UtaPri Season 3. The casting for the male characters were good, except the story was shitty.

POS seiyuu 1

L to R: Kimura Ryouhei , Hiro Shimono , Eguchi Takuya , Okamoto Nobuhiko , Junichi Suwabe , Suzuki Tatsuhisa , Ono Kensho , Miyano Mamoru , Ono Yuuki , Ono Daisuke , Hirakawa Daisuke , Toyonaga Toshiyuki


POS seiyuu 2

L to R: Ishikawa Kaito, Yamashita Daiki , Hanae Natsuki , Aoi Shouta , Ohsaka Ryouta , Sakurai Takahiro , Kakihara Tetsuya.

The only thing I enjoyed the most from this series is the music. Both the OP & ED. At least, the production company had brains. ρ(-ω-、)ヾ(゜ω゜;)ヨチヨチ The Opening was ‘Strider’s High‘ by OxT , while the Ending is ‘Be My Steady‘ by Galaxy Standard, the fictional Idol group in the series.


One of the member is voiced by Miyano Mamoru. So you can guess why the song is good

I rather play the game than watch the series for the 2nd time, no worth my time. Welcome to the Otome black list PoS.

Story: 7.5/10

Character Development:  8.5/10

Character Design: 8.8/10

BGM & Music: 9.0/10

Overall: 7.0/10

I hope I’m not gonna be disappointed by UtaPri Season 4.  See You guys soon! (●´艸`)フ゛ハッ