What will I be watching for Spring 2018

Hey Potatots~

It’s finally time for Spring 2018 anime! Woohoo!!! My Winter 2018 reviews will be delayed for a few days, but anywho… This is my watch list for Spring 2018! As you guys are familiar with my taste in anime, it’s no surprise you’ll see similar genres here and there.

Starting off with my MUST WATCH

Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 – Part 2


You guys know the drill WHY SnS is on here, more food and drama from our beloved gang of chefs.

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii AKA WotaKoi


Two otakus fall in love? What more to ask? This is a highly recommended series for everyone that wants to date and is an Otaku.

Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi


Originally a light novel, now an anime. For those who LOVE Kamisama Hajimemashita or anything to do with Japanese Yokais (Srsly, send me a PM and let us be BFFs) This series will satisfy you to the max. Shoujo + Japanese Yokai = BEST CONCUSSION

Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari



Amai choubatsu Watashi wa kanshu senyou pet

Amai Choubatsu

R-18 stuff, underage PLEASE STAY AWAY


That’s my watch list for Spring 2018, what will you all be watching?


Animate International Experince

Hello Potatots,

It’s finally March and guess what, my Animate International parcel arrived yesterday! Yay~ I pre-ordered the FGO Stage Play DVD. Fate Grand Order The Stage; Replica Agateram. And, boy it is beautiful. /Happy cry.

Just like my experience with amiami, this is not a sponsored post. I do enjoy the service that Animate International gave, although I do have a little mishap here and there prior receiving my big ass parcel. I was really stoked seeing my parcel when I got it, at least it was worth what I paid for.

Here is what I paid for, it’s not the Aniplex/ Animate Exclusive box, but I like what they gave me. ❤


Animate Iternational.jpg

L to R: B2 Double Sided Poster, Booklet about the stageplay, DVD, DVD Box 

For what I could afford with my own money, I am really satisfied with this box I paid for. Maybe next time, I could buy a more expensive one with a lot of exclusives merchandises when I am richer. As for courier services, I used both EMS and SAL; both are conveniently fast and 100% secured. If you guys are interested in buying from Animate International, here is the link Welcome to another hell I suggest you all directly use EMS as shipping if you are planning to get the animate exclusive boxes.

Prior writing this, I fell really sick and can’t really enjoy myself. Sigh, don’t worry. I am recovering.

See you guys next time ~


Today , 2nd of October as told by Ciel ‘the plushie’ Phantomhive

Hello there, I’m Ciel Phantomhive. I’m a plushie owned by my ‘mother’ Kinta Minami. Today was a disastrous day for me; my mother took me to her ridiculous club in her college. Although she may had lots of fun, but I did not. She took a selfie with me and that was embarrassing. After the whole club fiasco, I heard that she and her new friends were talking about me and Sebastian and something about Sebastian being her ‘Son-in-law’. That was blasphemy! I DO NOT LIKE SEBASTIAN IN A ROMANTIC WAY! As for dinner , mummy went to eat with her new friends. She should have brought over my other brother she loved so much. But, she brought me over instead.

Yo~ Minami here~ it’s my plushie Ciel’s boys period. He was angry with me…

College girl and Hiatus


Hey guys, I’m writing this since I’m going on an infinite hiatus due to college and i don’t have time. I’ll write all my blog posts in manuscript before here. And, there goes my TouRan time. MY SWORD BOY HAREM!!!!  

I’ll occasionally drop by if i have time and internet. see you

Permanent Fanfic blog

After jumping websites to websites, I finally settled down a permanent fanfic blog. My very first one would be from blog.com, the server has issues I guess? I couldn’t even log in my account. Then, I move to LJ but… I keep forgetting those SUPER long passwords. Argh!!!! Now, I had settled down to a Japanese blog website, Livedoor! I am not planning to abandon it!

Here’s the link: New Fanfic blog