Today , 2nd of October as told by Ciel ‘the plushie’ Phantomhive

Hello there, I’m Ciel Phantomhive. I’m a plushie owned by my ‘mother’ Kinta Minami. Today was a disastrous day for me; my mother took me to her ridiculous club in her college. Although she may had lots of fun, but I did not. She took a selfie with me and that was embarrassing. After the whole club fiasco, I heard that she and her new friends were talking about me and Sebastian and something about Sebastian being her ‘Son-in-law’. That was blasphemy! I DO NOT LIKE SEBASTIAN IN A ROMANTIC WAY! As for dinner , mummy went to eat with her new friends. She should have brought over my other brother she loved so much. But, she brought me over instead.

Yo~ Minami here~ it’s my plushie Ciel’s boys period. He was angry with me…


College girl and Hiatus


Hey guys, I’m writing this since I’m going on an infinite hiatus due to college and i don’t have time. I’ll write all my blog posts in manuscript before here. And, there goes my TouRan time. MY SWORD BOY HAREM!!!!  

I’ll occasionally drop by if i have time and internet. see you

Permanent Fanfic blog

After jumping websites to websites, I finally settled down a permanent fanfic blog. My very first one would be from, the server has issues I guess? I couldn’t even log in my account. Then, I move to LJ but… I keep forgetting those SUPER long passwords. Argh!!!! Now, I had settled down to a Japanese blog website, Livedoor! I am not planning to abandon it!

Here’s the link: New Fanfic blog