Is It OK to Fujoshify Everthing YOU See?

Warning: IF you are Fujoshi and you are butthurt after reading this, you need to calm down. And, I do enjoy BL here and there but, I am not a hardcore fujoshi. 

Hey there Potatos,  I am back with a serious topic that had been bugging me for a REALLY long time. And, I am not sure what is the percentage of Fujoshi readers on my blog; as this topic is all about them.

We will start from the basics on what is the meaning of fujoshi. The literal translation of Fujoshi meant rotten girl, this meaning is derived from the kanji writing of the word fujoshi – 腐女子. However, the meaning that Urban Dictionary and posts about BL gave this meaning, Girls who enjoy Yaoi or BL (Boys Love). In simple English, girls that prefer two guys together.

You would be asking, what harm would they do to the ACG community? They are just hormonal girls that like guy on guy action. The answer, a whole new level of hell. All the over fujoushifying the straight OTPs to BL Pairs, hating over the main girl that contribute the most to story and plot. Ever since the dawn of Japanese Animation; BL, and Yaoi had a growing fan base with good manga sales and anime adaptations. The early 2010s, the fujoshi community spiked up with fans as Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Junjou Romantica catering their thirst. It seemed alright at first; fans being fans showing their love and support. Now, it is just distasteful to all the new and old fans. As they are sort of ruining the enjoyment of the show.

Certain genres are ok with a drop of fujoshi fan service here and there to spice up some tensions. However, some genres are best left alone for example, Shoujo and Otome. These two genres are always the victim of fujoshis being whinny bitches about their BL ship is not canon because the main girl is a hindrance. For the love of God, just because Boy A and Boy B have an established friendship DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE GAY! And, a shoujo manga does not have a BL pair worthy for you girls DO NOT HATE THE MAIN GIRL! SHE DID NOTHING WRONG! 

Other than this, Otome games and Girl centric mobile games had to deal with this kind of treatment; girls PLEASE read the genre listing before deciding to give it a shot. A good example for this would be Uta no Prince-sama; UtaPri is a popular otoge that have a decent amount of boy characters for fujoshi to go cray cray with their shipping options.  PLEASE DO NOT HATE  Nanami Haruka just because she is NTRing your ship, UtaPri IS labeled as OTOME NOT BL/YAOI. This applies to the western fandom as well, please DO NOT demand your OTP to be canon if the creators have no plans for them to be.

In conclusion, is it OK to fujoshify everything you see? The answer, Yes and No. Why yes? YOU have the rights to ship all your characters how you like it. Why No? certain genre like Otome is a lone genre, leave it alone. And, here is a small PSA to you no chill fujoshis out there, PLEASE DO NOT harass the creators or VAs JUST BECAUSE your OTP is not canon. Let them do their job, they cannot satisfy a lot of people.



Going in to Fate Hell

Hello there Potatots,

It’s February! Lunar New Year is just around the corner *cough* Next week *cough*  It’s going to be another year of unwillingly receiving  red packets from relatives that you haven’t seen for almost a century. Anywho, for those who have installed Fate Grand Order in there phone… Time to grind events /slap

As the title says, this post is solemnly dedicated  to my fall in to this beautiful yet tragic series Fate from the famous TypeMoon company. Fate series is one TM’s many franchises; Fate is about Holy Grail Wars aka Seihai Sensou among mages Humans with magic roots/abilities to summon servants (any heroes from the past in world history) to help them fight each other till the end to obtain the holy grail. In normal English, it’s basically the Hunger games with magic involvement.

My fall in to Fate hell is during last year’s trip to Taiwan. I rode on the Fate Grand Order promo train twice and Gilgamesh, one of the character from the series lured me in to the trap. Prior to FGO, I do have basic knowledge of the Fate series. Thanks to the airing of the Studio Deen version of Fate/Stay Night anime on Animax back in 2006/2007.  It was a cool show, but it did not catch my attention for long as why would a 9/10 year old girl watch an anime about fighting? It just doesn’t make sense, however years later… Now Fate is my 3rd most invested fandom. I bought a lot of things without hesitation, my previous post regarding amiami is all Fate mech bought by me; even my friend who is in this hell earlier than me bought me Fate mangas without hesitation.

As for anime exposure, I do know of the Deen’s version of FSN, Fate/Zero, FSN UBW. My personal favorite and dear to my heart is Fate/Zero. Normally, Fate fans wouldn’t like Fate/Zero as much. Cause, to them… Fate/Zero is quite dark. Honestly, last year at a Fate themed party… My groupmates has 0 knowledge of Fate/Zero and I was shocked to the moon and back. They are long time fate fans and NONE of them watches Fate/Zero. Fate/Zero indeed was a dark series, but hey I like dark stuff. My soul is kinda dark from all the despair I had. I should find a time to binge the whole Fate anime chronology to educate myself better.

Overall Fate is an enjoyable series as it has world history, legends and folklore involved with it. If I could travel back in time to tell the 9/10 year old of myself about Fate, I would had gladly to.  As prior to this post, I am currently VERY invested and emotionally sold to Fate Grand Order and this series.

If you do play or watch Fate related media, who is your favorite servant? Comment below to share.

My beloved servant is Lancer, both FSN and Fate/Zero.

Diarmuid and Cu

Left: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Fate/Zero) Right: Cu Chulainn (Fate/Stay Night) *Their names are celtic as they are both Irish heroes

See you guys next time ~ ❤


Taiwan Travel Log~ Otaku Hotspots

Hey there Potatots, Happy September. I am sorry for taking too long to write this down, the wifi speed in Malayisa is just terrible. Now, I’m back at college to finish off my final diploma semester. Yay…. /Incoherent crying at the background   Anywho, back to topic~ Taiwan is SERIOUSLY Otaku Heaven for poor people that can’t afford to go Japan.

On my first two days in Taiwan, I visited my sister’s Residential area which is Hsin Chu Town. Hsin Chu maybe a small town, but I managed to find some gems for you Otakus. There is a local bookstore in town that has a Manga section, you can get all kinds of manga and light novels from that bookstore. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures for that bookstore; however I remember it was located near a nike shop in Hsin Chu town. Next must go destination for you peeps would be a store also around Hsin Chu town would be, Kuang Nan Shop. This shop is my favorite. It has a floor for Manga and Merch for your favorite anime series. For fans who are seiyuu fans, the CD section will surely please you at Kuang Nan. There is one more comic book shop at Hsin Chu Town, near Jin Pin shopping center. Just like Kuang Nan, it sells a lot of manga there even games!


DVDs I found while blindly roaming the CD section. Mamo and Shouta’s Live performance


Manga Section, on the 4th floor. This are all Sin aka BL manga. Translated into Chinese Language.


Merch Section, Same floor as the manga section few was away from the sin side


Entrance to another Heaven

Some precaution for Sin buyers, please MAKE SURE your passport is with you AT ALL TIMES; Kuang Nan is strict at buying sins. (I had experience.

For the next Six days, I spent it at Taipei eating my heart out and getting sunburnt. Taipei has amazing places to see, the underground mall of the Taipei MRT station is HEAVEN. It is one of my personal favorite spot there; the ACG (Anime,Comics,Manga) side is my heaven. There were maid cafes there, I managed to walk by one. It’s called Maiden Diner, sadly I can’t take any photos because of their rules. That was the only open maid cafe I came across, but I didn’t went in as the majority customers there are males, and I kind of Paiseh to go in. = A = ”” However, the maid is kind enough to give me their card.


Mascot for the anime side of the underground mall


Final Fantasy Mobile Game Ad


Tekken Ad, you don’t see this publically shown in Train Stations in Malaysia

 Lastly, the moment you girls and guys? had been waiting for, I finally went to and died at ANIMATE TAIWAN! No shit, that place is heaven for girls and guys. All the original merch from Japan in ONE OFFICIAL STORE! I was lucky enough that Animate Cafe was also happening during my trip, and bonus; IT WAS TOUKEN RANBU EVENT! OH MY RNGSAMA! I did a live stream on Facebook during my day there, met some new saniwas chatted awhile, cried over my poor Malaysian Saniwa luck with all the Izuminokami Kanesada, Kane-san badges. Q A Q  Animate TW is located at Zhong Zheng District near Xi Men Ding, it is close to a hotel which I don’t really know the name due to being distracted by the cafe. (Kinta… Please) You need to walk down a fleet of stairs to go to the shop, it’s an underground shop.


My loots from the cafe blind Pick. TOO MANY KANE-SAN! > A <


Yuri and Viktor, for the Yuri on Ice hype. Yurio is a butt picture from me.

  ◊ Bonus Content ◊

Why I say Taiwan is Japan for poor people, Anime ads EVERY WHERE and the public (Non fans) are alright with it, they don’t really complain about it. The just brushed it off like it was nothing serious.  My other favorite thing in Taiwan is the Fate Grand Order promo train, I rode it TWICE and I am converted to be a FGO follower. Help. Even though I knew Fate series for a long time now…


FGO train, Round 1


Round 2, Hi Gil~ He got me into FGO. Well… He is one of my husbands.

 Overall, Taiwan was really fun. I can’t wait to go back there again. See you guys next time~



Winter 2016/2017 Anime Watch List

TBH, I don’t feel like watching the Winter 2016/17 anime line up since I am more hyped out for Summer 2017. *cough* Touken Ranbu *cough* Ensemble Stars *cough* *cough* Anywho, since I have more than 2 must watches. Might well as do my seasonally line up.



More bullshit, dissing the animation studio & fuck copyright antics from these guys. GINTAMA IS BACK YO! I REPEAT GINTAMA IS BACK.

Ao no Exorcist Season 2


Finally, after 6 years of MIA. AnE IS BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK



Remember Katekyo Hitman Reborn? This is Akira Amano sensei’s other work. Go support, and scout some KHR look alikes.

Marginal #4


Obligated otome series that I have to watch, cause I am an avid Otome gamer.

Super Lovers 2


I started this bloody series, I must end it. /sighs…. BUT, I am doing it for the seiyuus

I have Pateron Now

Hi guys, Kinta Here. I finally have Pateron to help this blog grow.

I know, most of you like to read my reviews. With pateron, I can create Review videos of all the anime I had watch. I can start with this season’s anime like Yuri on Ice , Touken Ranbu , Bungo Stray Dogs and more!


Do support my Pateron for more Honest Reviews for all the anime!

Link Below

Kinta’s Pateron

My Own Dream Crate?

Hi guys, Koimo here. It had been so long since I wrote at this blog. I’m waiting for this season to be done with cause I have a bunch of reviews to do. And, my college life is shitty. Cause I got blame for something I DID NOT do. That’s a different story. On the bright side, Lootcrate contacted me via email that what if I had my own dream crate. That would be superbly cool! 😀

My theme for that crate would be Mix Cultures. I may love anime with a passion, but I also adore comic book heroes and book characters from the west. Balancing out both Eastern and Western culture. It be really cool to see some cross overs from both worlds. Being one of the rare hybrid fan, it would be an awesome thing do bring to life about.


The dark side of Touken Ranbu

Hi guys! Happy April Fools! It’s okay to prank others but don’t let your pranks go out of hand. And, this is not any random blog post. This is a blog post for Fujinsei Blog Carni I am writing about my journey into the wonderful world of Sword Boys, Touken Ranbu.

received_200407173657214 Tsurumaru: Odoroitaka? Aruji-sama?

Mind the stupid crane from above. He’s Tsurumaru Kuninaga. Anyways, Touken Ranbu is an online net game from DMM with the partnership of Nitro+. We the players, are saniwa sages that traveled back in time to bring life to inanimate objects to defeat monsters that wanted to change the course of history. And, thus the pretty sword boys are born.  To a newbie, Touken Ranbu would be interesting since we are learning Japanese history trough hot sexy swords. But, for us older saniwas…. We are the dark side of this wonderful game. I fell into the sinning hell when I’m only 6 months old as a saniwa sage.

received_10209142974557359 Kashuu: Aruji… Why did you harm yourself like this?

Touken Ranbu is also very addictive, once you are in it. There is no turning back…. I did not regret anything since I met lots of new friends in this fandom and half of them were responsible for my corruption as a perverted saniwa sage.

received_482325201969021 Mikazuki: Why is she even my master.

Since last year, after my depression with UtaPri Season 3’s disappointment I started writing fanfic for Touken Ranbu. It’s really fun and interesting since I get to broaden my fanfic fandom. I don’t know what came over me and I was able to write 3 NSFW fanfics for this particular fandom and I’m improving for them.  And all my friends were some how supportive for me since they are also corrupted saniwas. Lol

16-04-02-12-21-06-917_deco Kashuu: * face palm * Aruji-sama…..

Not only that, the musical for TouRan was Superb! I even downloaded it on my lappy. Now I can watch it anytime. The songs were amazing, they are mostly poison to my ears.

received_200411826990082 Tsurumaru: I’m judging you from a far, aruji-sama…

Now, we’ve reached the end of this pointless post. I know you guys are judging me already… I don’t really care. Touken Ranbu is what I love more than anything in the world already. I chose TouRan over my boyfriend sometimes… Nuff said, this game is a double sided blade for me.



Drop by my Fanfic only blog, Minami’s fanfics to read those NSFW fics I mentioned before. Ciaos! Have a happy April 1st!

received_10209163383427568Kousetsu: Time to go home now Aruji-sama… You need to take your meds.