[Fate/Grand Order] Okita Souji Photoshoot

Hey Potatots!

It had been YEARS since I posted any cosplay related post. And, 2018 fiveish years later I am sharing my recent cosplay photoshoot. Last Sunday (17/6/18), I did an impromptu photo shoot with only a smartphone instead of a DSLR camera… It’s really fun and experimental.

Photog: Haru

Series: Fate/Grand Order

Character: Okita Souji

PSA: Due to the length of the costume, this is rated, T


Okita Official 1

One of the nice shot I personally liked

Okita Official 2

Improv pose

Okita Official 3

This pose is referenced after a scale model

Okita Official 4

Okita’s iconic pose in FGO (one of my favorite as well)

Okita Official 5

For JP players, SUMIMASEN DESHITA! Okitan didn’t return

Okita Official 6

Favorite Pose #2

okita official 8

Looking out to the horizon

Okita Official 9 (2)

An attempt to try Dakimakura pose

Okita Official 11

On the way back to the Throne of Heroes

okita official

When you can’t get the SSR, You Kill it




Okita Official 10

I know, I don’t have much time left. Let me cherish this

Should I bring back some cosplay post for BP? Do comment below if you want to see more cosplay posts.


If I were to Organize a Comic Con-esque Event What Would It Be?

Hello there Potatots! Sorry for not posting anything from the beginning of August, personal problems with my family surfaced and it was hell.  As a self proclaimed super fan in a small city like Kota Kinabalu, events here for fans and enthusiasts are limited unlike West Malaysia the fans events are almost one month per event.  If I were to have a comic con standard event what would it be like?

We all know that Comic Con is America’s biggest event and a lot of celebrities, comic book artists would be there and it is more western pop culture centered. For fans of two worlds, eastern pop culture and western pop culture; conjoined events are a rare thing. The main highlight of my dream comic con would be the best of both worlds, both eastern and western pop culture would have equal exposure to old and new fans.

Who would be at the event?

All kinds of comic book companies like Marvel, DC to show case their awesome arsenal of comic book heroes and goodies. Figure companies like Kotobukiya, Good Smile Company, Max Factory to show case their upcoming releases of figurines from your favorite anime and comic book. Animation studios from Japan like Studio Gainax, A1 Pictures, Ufotable, MAPPA to showcase exclusive concept arts and visual arts to aspiring Animation students to indirectly motivate them on their dreams. Other than that, CURE WORLD COSPLAY would also be there to showcase awesome cosplay photos of cosplayers.

Where would it take place?

My hometown, Kota Kinabalu City of course. Sabah is a state of tourism in Malaysia, vast sandy beaches for tourists to enjoy and the food in Sabah is delicious. Everyone in Sabah are super friendly and nice.

Who would fans want to meet?

Guests of the events are super important for event attendees, and meeting guests would be an awesome thing. For Marvel Fans, meeting Stan Lee would be a big dream come true. As for DC fans, meeting stars from the DCTVU and DCEU would be a dream come true like meeting Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell, Melissa Benoist from the TV universe of DC. While for Eastern fans, meeting voice actors from their favorite anime would be an awesome experience; Suwabe Junichi, Ono Kensho, Ono Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi, Kaji Yuki etc.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a comic con-esque event dedicated to both Eastern and Western pop culture instead of having the argument of which side is better. Do check out eventbrite’s website to have your own event up and known to everyone across the web!

Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/ (Homepage)

Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/l/registration-online/ (To register your event)

That’s all from me! See you guys after my trip from Taiwan!

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It’s My First Convention, And… I Don’t Know What To Do

Hey people, I am here to share wit you on what you should do at your VERY first convention attendance. In conjunction of the annual Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, I personally have yet to attend any conventions at America, however. My tips work all round for all kinds of convention.

You are hyped, excited for this convention all year, and pre-bought the tickets months before. Yet, you are nervous on what you should bring, should not do etc. Here are some dos and don’ts tips for you.


  • Follow the rules of the convention
  • Be polite to cosplayers and con-goers
  • Follow the queue.
  • Be mindful at the artist alley, they are other buyers too
  • Ask for permission before taking any photos of the cosplayers.
  • Have fun, but not too much fun
  • Preplan your day to be organized


  • Do not litter the convention hall
  • Do not harass any of the cosplayers, keep your hands to yourself
  • Do not cause any roadblocks just to buy that one art you always wanted.
  • Do not disrespect anyone at the conventions – Guests, Cosplayers, Artist.
  • Do not disobey any given orders from the helpers around the convention
  • Do not bring any illegal items to the convention
  • Do not touch any props of the cosplayers without their permission

Once you know what you should and should not do what should you wear to the convention.

For cosplayers, it depends on themselves like what cosplay are they doing. As for normal con-goers, anything comfortable would do, I highly suggest wearing sneakers instead of flip-flops as you are going to a convention with lots of people; you wouldn’t want your toes to bleed at the end of the day.  Avoid wearing anything that could make you sweat faster even though the convention hall is air-conditioned, sweat is unavoidable.

Next, what should you bring to a convention?

  • Water, to stay hydrated
  • Mini electrical fan
  • Extra money, for precaution
  • Extra recycle bag to put all your loots that you bought.
  • Band aids , for any emergencies
  • ID
  • Food, like cookies or any dry food
  • Camera for awesome photos
  • Power bank for your phone
  • Map of the convention hall, to save time

It is up to you to take notes for your first convention adventure; my favorite thing to do at a convention is shopping down the artist alley to support cool artist. I do also enjoy the panels and guest talks. Side note, it is OK to be shy to ask for a photo from a cosplayer, but remember. HAVE CONFIDENCE!

For those who are reading this and wanted to attend Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, feel free to drop by Las Vegas package deals to check out deals to aid you on your trip.

The Dark Side of Fandoms

What is Fandom? According to Urban Dictionary and Wiktionary the meaning of fandom defined as a community surrounding a specific fandom. A fan is not limited to be in JUST one fandom, they could be in lots and lots of fandom. Including myself, I am in many fandoms. Not just Anime fandoms, I am also part of the Western fandom like Supernatural, Sherlock, The Flash, Arrow etc. How toxic a fandom could get? The answer, VERY TOXIC.

The anime fandom is filled with toxic gas, and I had observed quite a lot of popular big shots like Bleach, Naruto has many cancerous fans there. Normally, we would ignore these kind of fans due to they are being immature and childish over the authors’ decision to their beloved characters. Yes, we all have the rights to be angry. I admit, I was pretty much angry at Tite Kubo’s choices for Bleach, but I suck it up and accepted his choice. Cause, there is no point to be angry about something when the internet has the magical realm called FANFICTION, DOUJINSHI (Fan comics) and FANART.

Moreover, even in the western side of the fandom; it is not always rainbow and sunshine. Remember the incident from the Steven Universe Fandom? (I have no intention to hurt anyone, but merely stating a fact) The artist drew some plus sized character a little bit skinner and the whole fandom went into a war zone. Artists have the rights to draw their beloved character freely, fat shaming or not. IT IS JUST ART! Bullying a fan is just showing on HOW TOXIC a fandom could be. I know not all fans of various fandoms are like that, be careful on your choice of words on the internet. Once it up there, it will be there forever.

Recently, Tokyo Ghoul Fandom experienced the same fate as Bleach; the author decided to mash up two characters together to be the canon pairing. Touka and Kaneki, it is somehow a double edged sword, It is very predictable that those two would be together, and the downfall would be unhappy fans. Sheesh, the fire was so intense that it went on for a few days. Worst of all, fans demanded Ishida Sui to commit suicide. EXCUSE ME?! THAT IS TOO MUCH FOR A NO BRAINER FANS TO DO! It is very immature to think that way to channel your anger; the author has THE RIGHTS to choose what kind of story they want to bring out. Throwing tantrums and boycotting them WILL NOT DO ANYTHING GOOD! As I mentioned, Fanfic and fanarts exist for a reason; that reason is too let fans channel their ideal pairing into a world that is their own imaginations. Getting angry with the author will not do any good to both parties.

Lastly, there are ways for a fan to deal with choices made by the author. Fanfic, fanarts are a way to cope with it. The other is sheer denial; I personally am using this method to cope with DC’s choices with my beloved pairings. The side effect is hell. At the end of the day, fans still have their own imagination to channel their displeasure to, it is a give or take thing.

A small PSA to fans who bought merchandises or original comic books to support the authors, PLEASE do not simply throw away those things. They worked hard for them, think about their effort of getting those published. Cherish them with all your heart.



I normally wouldn’t rant like this unless it is something serious

Visual Art Expo 2016

Hi guys, long time I haven’t update. I was busy with college and mending my broken heart. I broke up with my now ex last week, so yeah. I did not cry except in the presence of God. Anyways, VAX was last weekend. It was fun since it’s my first Visual Art Expo, I got to be part of the Cure Cosplay Collection. It had always been my dream to be part of it and I was thrilled to meet the person behind all of it. Mr. Inui Tatsumi!

Nanami ccc My first CCC spotlight

16-06-05-19-54-58-184_deco Another prized photo, my selfie with Inui-san

VAX was enjoyable, I left a weird impression for Tatsumi-san as I was a loyal user of his website, Cure! www And, I surprised him with his own phtobook that I bought and I came prepared with my sharpies. Lol It was all worth it, for meeting him is my top prority in my bucket list.

Drunk ppl My favorite moment during the Kuroshitsuji Panel besides roasting Grell and Sebastian.

I can’t wait for my Animangaki adventures! Till then people! Stay fabulous!

Artist 3 Cosplay Showcase + Photoshoot

Hi guys, it had been a long time hasn’t it? I was so busy and lazy lately that I forgotten that I actually had a blog. Lol, college life is getting tougher for I am at my 3rd semester already and I really need to focus a lot. -6a20d966308d60a0 Anyways, last week was Artist3 Cosplay Showcase, a cosplay runway show for me to warm up for Cure Cosplay Collection for VAX which I regret signing up for It had been years since I went on stage and made a fool out of myself. For Day 1, I cosplayed as Neko and went on stage. While day 2, I was Nanami Haruka my best girl. Most of the pictures will be Nanami cause, all the photogs offered me photoshoots as her. -35bcda87860645fe


16-05-24-22-25-49-987_deco < This is such a nice concept I like it.

Nanami Concept 1 < This is kinda eerie to be a picture for UtaPri. But, It’s still nice though.


NanamiCasual < This shot is taken by a good friend of mine that I had met here in West Malaysia, John.

IttokiXNanami < Proposal pose, my ultimate favorite.

Being Nanami is the best part of my 6 years of cosplaying life, I finally got to the proposal pose with my Otoyan ~ ♥ But, during the freeze Jinguji went to disrupt us. I guess, he was jealous that Nanami chose Otoyan over him. ccf03ef348cfb46 I am still waiting for the photos, so stay tuned at my WorldCosplay accout for updates! This weekend is VAX, AHAHAHAHAHA, I am NOT ready…. Bye people! ♥


ACG Fiesta Report 2016

I just attended my first event of 2016, and it’s ACG Fiesta 2016. The event was overall awesome but, I do have some regrets. The event was overall enjoyable except for the Love Live 2 Days straight concert. X ___ X I am not a LL fan but got partially brainwashed into the song.

Anyways, I really had lots of fun derping as Nanami Haruka on her day off seeing both STARISH and Ittoki Otoya’s performance. As for day two, I really regretted that I chose NOT to cosplay as Nanami. ; ∇ ; My STARISH babies. Anywho, I got recruited as Tomo-chan for a cosplay group for Utapri during C2AGE. YES!!! Φ ω Φ And, the version is Shining All Stars. THANK YOU KAMISAMA!!! ; w ; It’s my dream to be in a completed group. wwww

UtaPrifantasy ^ Kyaaa~ Jinguji-san & Ittoki-kun fighting over Nanami~ ❤

Ori Ittoki X Nanami^ Ittoki-kun won ~ weee~

See you guys soon! Bye bii! For now~