Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: So far, So good

Hey Potatots! How’s your Summer so far? Good? Bad? Meh? Well, here is the update and my thoughts of Katsugeki TouRabu so far….

It’s just the second week of airing and it is already damn good for the first two episodes. The graphics and CG were JUST AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING! -35bcda87860645fe Sasuga Ufotable and their high budget. Even during the first episode, I am drawn to the fire CG that they produced Like WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?! It’s more beautiful that the swords. /cue all my babies being butt hurt

As for the music, MY GOD I WANT TO CRY SO BAD!!! It’s so good, the OP is sang by our Tsurururururu aka Saito Soma, it is so beautiful yet angsty at the same time. As for the ED (Ep 2 on wards) was sang by Kalafina, and it is SUPERBLY ANGSTY! Kalafina has the eerie nice vocals that gives me chills after Kuroshitsuji’s Lacrimosa. received_200407173657214

I won’t spoil any story plot points, I’ll save that for the review. If you are still speculating on watching Katsugeki or not… Let me drop some screen shots to convince ya’ll to  watch Saniwa or not.




If you already watched Katsugeki, what are your thoughts for it? See you guys soon for the review~

Summer 2017 Anime

Hey Potatots! Summer is here, on steam’s side Summer Sales. On the Western side, SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING! While… on the Anime side, new anime! However, my summer anime would be prioritized anime series. I won’t be touching on anime that is new as I pick anime by familiarities and seiyuu who would be voicing the characters.

My List of Summer Anime

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu

TouRabu Katsugeki.jpg

My no.1 prioritized anime, it’s touken ranbu salty version. I had been waiting for this since last year when they announced it. I suggest you all to read the Touken Wiki before watching. Don’t simply jump in to tourabu because of Hanamaru. /glares  (Salty saniwa alert

Jigoku Shoujo Season 4

Jigoku shoujo

Fucking finally after soooooooooooooo long, season 4 of the awesome horror genre~

Ikemen Sengoku


It’s a mobile app turn anime, also a priority of mine. I played the game it is nice, sadly it didn’t end well with me. DAMN YOU STORY COUPONS!

Saiyuki Reload Blast


I would probably watch this ONCE I binge the old ones. It’s Journey to The West, one of my favorite Chinese folklore.

全职高手 Review

Last week, one of the most unique non Japanese anime had ended, and I managed to watch the last episode yesterday.  全职高手(Pin Yin: Quan Zhi Gao Shou) also known as The King’s Avatar for Western fans is a novel from China by the author ‘蝴蝶蓝‘ took the anime world by surprise as the 1st anime that had been developed and made in China. Some weebs are salty about this I know…. Being multilingual, I really enjoyed this series; the RAW for this series is an advantage since I am pure Chinese and speaks fluent Chinese, their jokes that only Chinese speakers understand is really unavoidable.

Moving on, the story of Quan Zhi Gao Shou is about E-Sports which in reality is slowly getting recognition *cough* Dota 2 *cough* Overwatch *cough* Ye Xiu is a pro gamer for the game ‘Glory’, he was forced to terminate his contract with his E-sports team for unknown reasons. He camped at the nearby Cyber Café and worked there as the supervisor for the café, as Glory launched a new server the 10th server; he went back to the game and all thins excited start from there.

Quan zhi Gao Shou has the official sponsor of McDonald’s China to do some product placement in the series, they even made the limited edition ice-cream a reality. Anywho, Quan Zhi Gao Shou had one of the most eye catching animation style; the standard was indeed Japanese animation standard. I was a bit turned off with the 3D animation sequence for some scenes. It was not really necessary to use 3D. As for the opening and ending, I am very impressed. The opening was awesome, the opening song ‘信仰’ fits it well, the song was really powerful. As for the ending, I really loved it. Unlike the usual Japanese kind, with MV style sequnce. Quan Zhi Gao Shou featured fanarts of the series by various artists that loved the series. That is a top notch level of fan appericiation. giphy

Do support the actually work which is the novel, although it is in Chinese. There is a website provides the translated chapters. http://gravitytales.com/novel/the-kings-avatar bear in mind the updates are slow, as there are 1000+ Chapters to be translated. I personally recommend this series for you all to have a change of pace.

Story: 8.9/10

Music: 9.5/10

Character: 8.0/10

Overall: 9.8/10


Free Talk From Minami

    As I mentioned there would be some salty weebs be like ‘ Ewwe, anime characters is speaking Chinese. That’s disgusting’ ‘Anime is supposed to be Japanese NOT Chinese’. Doesn’t really understand that animation has no limitation to what country produces it. I spent 2 years in West Malaysia due to college, I was surprised to see cosplayers that cosplayed as the Characters BEFORE the anime even aired! If you haven’t give this a try, go watch it. Don’t worry about the subbing, your normal streaming website had already got it covered. Not sure about Crunchyroll though… Now, I need to finish StarMyu~ ❤

Stay Awesome potatots!

Souryo to Majiwaru no Yoru Ni Review

Hey Potatots! Spring season is almost ending, I just finished Souryo to Majiwaru. THE ONLY anime I spent time watch from my hectic working time. I guess I am turning into THAT demographic of women. /deep sigh

My life has lost its meaning in the hentai spectrum of anime. Souryo to Majiwaru no Yoru Ni (SouMaji) that is a long ass name and I REFUSE TO CALL IT BY THE ENGLISH name has ended today, I really loved this series as it is tailor made for us thirsty single girls with a sexually frustrated sex life. And, yes I just said it with no regrets.  I will now wait for the full hentai one.

The story of SouMaji tells the story of Fukatani Mio and her crush, Kujo Takahide. Mio met Takahide at their high school reunion; she was turned off by the harsh reality of him being a monk and got wasted. The story does not end there, as she walked home completely wasted Takahide helped her and shit got down from there. I am not spoiling any hentai moments go watch it yourself, IF you need sauce for the uncut one Just ask from me. ;D

The manga for SouMaji is still on going and I am dying to find the sauces both RAW and Translated. (Bilingual advantages) The manga is saucer than the anime like oh my gawd, there are more hentai scenes there. ^ q ^ I’ll leave the link to the manga here, https://nhentai.net/artist/maomi-leon/ (RAW) http://www.dm5.com/manhua-yusenglvjiaohedeseyuzhiye/ (Translated, Chinese), I can’t spoil much for this series because it will ruin the story by 80%.



Story : 8.5/10

Character: 7.5/10

Music: 8.7/10

Overall: 8.9/10


Free Talk from Minami

At first, I kinda regret knowing this series at 2 FUCKING AM, I had to break the internet JUST to find the manga. Thank god for my awesome friend who found the sauce. I am loving the series to bits.

The Dark Side of Fandoms

What is Fandom? According to Urban Dictionary and Wiktionary the meaning of fandom defined as a community surrounding a specific fandom. A fan is not limited to be in JUST one fandom, they could be in lots and lots of fandom. Including myself, I am in many fandoms. Not just Anime fandoms, I am also part of the Western fandom like Supernatural, Sherlock, The Flash, Arrow etc. How toxic a fandom could get? The answer, VERY TOXIC.

The anime fandom is filled with toxic gas, and I had observed quite a lot of popular big shots like Bleach, Naruto has many cancerous fans there. Normally, we would ignore these kind of fans due to they are being immature and childish over the authors’ decision to their beloved characters. Yes, we all have the rights to be angry. I admit, I was pretty much angry at Tite Kubo’s choices for Bleach, but I suck it up and accepted his choice. Cause, there is no point to be angry about something when the internet has the magical realm called FANFICTION, DOUJINSHI (Fan comics) and FANART.

Moreover, even in the western side of the fandom; it is not always rainbow and sunshine. Remember the incident from the Steven Universe Fandom? (I have no intention to hurt anyone, but merely stating a fact) The artist drew some plus sized character a little bit skinner and the whole fandom went into a war zone. Artists have the rights to draw their beloved character freely, fat shaming or not. IT IS JUST ART! Bullying a fan is just showing on HOW TOXIC a fandom could be. I know not all fans of various fandoms are like that, be careful on your choice of words on the internet. Once it up there, it will be there forever.

Recently, Tokyo Ghoul Fandom experienced the same fate as Bleach; the author decided to mash up two characters together to be the canon pairing. Touka and Kaneki, it is somehow a double edged sword, It is very predictable that those two would be together, and the downfall would be unhappy fans. Sheesh, the fire was so intense that it went on for a few days. Worst of all, fans demanded Ishida Sui to commit suicide. EXCUSE ME?! THAT IS TOO MUCH FOR A NO BRAINER FANS TO DO! It is very immature to think that way to channel your anger; the author has THE RIGHTS to choose what kind of story they want to bring out. Throwing tantrums and boycotting them WILL NOT DO ANYTHING GOOD! As I mentioned, Fanfic and fanarts exist for a reason; that reason is too let fans channel their ideal pairing into a world that is their own imaginations. Getting angry with the author will not do any good to both parties.

Lastly, there are ways for a fan to deal with choices made by the author. Fanfic, fanarts are a way to cope with it. The other is sheer denial; I personally am using this method to cope with DC’s choices with my beloved pairings. The side effect is hell. At the end of the day, fans still have their own imagination to channel their displeasure to, it is a give or take thing.

A small PSA to fans who bought merchandises or original comic books to support the authors, PLEASE do not simply throw away those things. They worked hard for them, think about their effort of getting those published. Cherish them with all your heart.



I normally wouldn’t rant like this unless it is something serious

What to watch for Spring 2017

It’s been a while and it’s already halfway through Spring season of 2017. This season, There are a number of anime out for everyone. I had abandoned the Winter 2017 titles that I had chosen cause my sudden return to comic books drifted me away from anime for 3 month ( TV shows, Animated Movies etc.)

Spring 2017 has a handful of awesome anime to watch, including a LEGAL NSFW one.

Here are my pick:

  1. 全职高手(Pin Yin; Quan Zhi Gao Shou) AKA King’s Avatar


Made and voiced 100% from China, Quan Zhi Gao Shou is a Novel turned anime from China that sparked my curiosity from my cosplay community from West Malaysia since 2015. This tells the story of a pro Gamer Ye Qiu and his time as a Pro Gamer. A lot of my friends doesn’t like this cause they aren’t used to anime ‘being voiced’ in pure Chinese. Like WTF, this is the coolest shit ever! Music is awesome, I feel like I am watching an actual Chinese TV drama instead. LOL Plus, the production company is kind enough to feature actual fanarts at the end credits. I mean HOW COOL IS THAT?!

2. Souryou to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no yoru ni


This is the Legal Hentai I was talking about earlier, and yes you are not crazy when I say this is a LEGAL hentai to air on Japan TV. This series is known as SouMaji to myself cause the actual name is so fucking long and I loath translated name with a passion. The main girl’s crush is a monk and boy what is more sinful? fucking a monk. I love this series with all my heart and I spam news about this all over Facebook prior to the airing. (Welp… I knew about this series at 2 FUCKING AM, God knows what happened to me) This has 3 versions, the normal censored version for general TV, R-15 Version and a fully loaded hentai version. I will shove this series down your throat by force. (JK)

3. High School Star Musical Season 2


YAS! THE TIME HAS COME, StarMyu is back! Need I say more? IDOLS IDOLS IDOLS!

4. Fukumenkei Noise

Fukumenkei noise.jpg

I love the manga since the first chapter and it gave me roller coaster feelings, no shit cause Momo and his stubbornness. I dropped the anime even though I am a fan of the manga. The songs were great but, some parts I was hoping for more. I will continue the manga but not the anime as I dropped this for Quan Zhi Gao Shou.

What’s your pick for Spring 2017? Are you watching any of these? If do, let’s have a talk at the comments below! 🙂

See you again for Summer 2017

Winter 2016/2017 Anime Watch List

TBH, I don’t feel like watching the Winter 2016/17 anime line up since I am more hyped out for Summer 2017. *cough* Touken Ranbu *cough* Ensemble Stars *cough* *cough* Anywho, since I have more than 2 must watches. Might well as do my seasonally line up.



More bullshit, dissing the animation studio & fuck copyright antics from these guys. GINTAMA IS BACK YO! I REPEAT GINTAMA IS BACK.

Ao no Exorcist Season 2


Finally, after 6 years of MIA. AnE IS BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK



Remember Katekyo Hitman Reborn? This is Akira Amano sensei’s other work. Go support, and scout some KHR look alikes.

Marginal #4


Obligated otome series that I have to watch, cause I am an avid Otome gamer.

Super Lovers 2


I started this bloody series, I must end it. /sighs…. BUT, I am doing it for the seiyuus

Bungou Stray Dogs Review

       2016 gave us lots of surprises both good and bad. Before Baked Potatoes end 2016, this is the last Fall 2016 anime review. See you all in 2017.*\(^o^)/*

 Bungou Stray Dogs tells the story of humans with special abilities and their day to day antics. It is a mix of both comedy and action. The series centralizes on Nakajima Atsushi, an orphan who had to fend for himself after his orphanage disowned him. Atsushi had pretty much a shitty life until he met the Armed Detective Agency members. He had the ability to transform himself into a tiger without himself knowing. He is stuck with the ADA for the rest of his life and had to deal with thier semi retarded antics thanks to Dazai Osamu. He also have to fend for himself from the dangerous Port Mafia who are also after his head for the 7 million bounty he had. And, that is just season 1.

Moving on to season 2, Yokohama City is in danger from the North American group, The Guild as they have plans to harm the city and its innocent residents. The guild is also responsible for putting the 7 million bounty on Atsushi. As for the 2nd season, we got a lot of surprises. For new BSD fans like myself, we get to learn more about Dazai and his past of being an Ex-Port Mafia ranked member. We also get to see our beloved characters grow. Just like Yuri on Ice, BSD is a good anime for motivation and inspiration. I do believe that we all have been in Atsushi’s shoes.

Overall, Bungou is an awesome anime and it had my full support for a must have  Season 3.


Free talk from Minami

 How I got to love BSD is a funny story,  I had known the series since January and I had been a HUGE fan of Kishow Taniyama and I was excited that he was voice for a character and that character became my husband instantly, I waited 9 episode straight for him in season 1, 5-7 episode for him in season 2. And, that character is Nakahara Chuuya. I really hope season 3 will happen.

Character Develpoment: 8/10

Story Plot: 9/10

Music: 8.5/10


Happy new year, Baked Potatoes wishes all the readers an awesome 2017. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Yuri!!! on Ice Review

As 2016 will be ending in a few days, we all know that it had been a shitty year for almost everyone. Including myself, although 2016 is a fucked up year; but there is a sliver lining to save us from eternal remorse. And, that is the existence of Yuri!!! on Ice.

The whole concept of YoI is figure skating and promoting it through the most popular medium amongst youngsters – ACG (Anime, Comics & Games). YoI talks about a rookie skater, Katsuki Yuuri and his experience as a figure skater. He had depression after losing at the Sochi winter sports,  he rage quitted and went back to Japan an sulk. While he was back in Japan, he visited the old skating rink back there and miraculously skated his idol, Viktor Nikiforov’s regiment and it went viral on the net. After that whole viral video incident, he got a surprise visit from Viktor and he is determined to be his coach. Through Viktor; Yuuri got to explore himself more as a skater, he also met a lot of new friends along the way. YoI is a good anime for people to be encouraged and needed moral support.

In addition, the musical scores for all the skaters are AMAZING! I loved it very much especially Eros & Agape. And Emile’s techno theme. the songs are really relaxing and enjoyable.


Free talk from Minami

    YoI had a really out of control fandom, which made me want to leave the fandom. I know it had A LOT OF FAN SERVICE, PLEASE LEAVE REAL LIFE SKATERS OUT OF IT! Especially Yuzuru Hanyu. I don’t get why those fans can’t differentiate FICTION and REALITY. It really pissed me off. I personally don’t like to watch figure skating, but through YoI; I decided to give IRL figure skating a try. And, boy… Those skaters trained hard to achieved what they wanted, and asking someone to lose weight for a particular sports IS NOT FAT SHAMING! I have friends who do sports and they MUST be in tip top shape to do so. MY GOD, PEOPLE STOP BEING SO PARANOID! I honestly wish those fans could be more mature in seeing the sports world, I myself don’t do sports but I know how athletes must train their asses off. Immature fans, please grow up.


Story: 9/10

Character Development: 9/10

Music: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru Review

Touken Ranbu, the hottest online browser game from DMM.com with the collaboration with Nitro+ from 2015 till now. Just ended their first anime installment. TLDR, We the saniwas give life to inanimate objects. In TouRabu’s case… Historical swords from Japan.  I wouldn’t talk much about the game basics because, I assume you all played the game and know what am I talking about.

Hanamaru, from the first few episodes were all about rainbows and sunshine. Which misled everyone to think that Touken Ranbu is all jolly and happy. Well… You are DEAD WRONG! ಠ╭╮ಠ The rainbow and sunshine facade is to hide away all the salt and pain of the swords’ history. TLDR, if you know your Japanese history… You know what I meant. Hanamaru centralized on Yamatonokami Yasusada’s growth in a certain citadel. Yamatonokami Yasusada was a sword formerly owned by Okita Souji of the Shinsengumi in the bakufuku period. He was recently brought back to life as a Touken Danshi ‘sword boy‘ by his current master, US!╰(*´︶`*)╯ The most important code for the Touken Danshi is, They MUST NOT alter the course of history; for unfortunate things may bestow upon them.  But… Does any of  them listen?

One Touken Danshi nearly made that mistake was Imanotsurugi. A tantou ‘short sword‘ formerly owned by Minamoto Yoshitsune who used him to commit suicide. That, would be a different story for another day. TLDR, Touken Danshi MUST NOT ALTER HISTORY FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY. Yasusada tried his best to overcome his ‘I must protect Okita-kun’ phase which broke many saniwa’s heart. Including mine… With the help of Kashuu Kiyomitsu, who is also a former sword owned by Okita Souji. And their 40+ sword friends; they grow and live like a family. All in all, Hanamaru is one perfect recipe for saniwas that knows their shit. (*^ω^*)


              Free talk from Minami

Honestly, as soon as the 1st episode aired; I got complains from my friends that litreally say ‘Kinta, PLEASE CONTROL YOUR HUSBAND’ ‘Kinta,  your Hasebe is out of control’ yada yada. I know, I chose Heshikiri Hasebe as my permanent secretary doesn’t mean I am responsible for a pack of Hasebes. He is being overloved, and I don’t like that. ╮(╯_╰)╭ so? Not only that, Hanamaru… per episode… I rewatched almost a total of 100 times. Just to catch up on any missed out clues.

I also linked some parts of the shows to both the stage play and musical. Mostly musical, Bakumatsu Tenrouden. Any, we had a huge debate, as We I meant my touken ranbu community. Now, I am waiting for what Ufotable is giving out next year. Oh and, I know; there is a dubbed version of Hanamaru. Before you all be like , ‘Kinta! Go watch it. It’s nice.’ Bear in mind that, I had played the game for a year and I am used to the Japanese voices, so I can’t accept the dub for Touken.


Ps, who says aruji isn’t in the picture. Aruji is in between Sayo and Yasusada.


Story: 9/10

Character Development: 9/10

Music: 9/10

Overall: 9/10


IF you didn’t cry. You are doing your saniwa duties wrongly.(= ̄ω ̄=)