Amai choubatsu Watashi wa kanshu senyou pet Review

Hey Potatots,

This is a delayed Spring Season anime review Yay ~ I finally found the source to watch this series online, and you all wouldn’t expect to find it there. Where is there you might ask? A hentai website, considering AmaPet is a hentai I am not really that surprised to find it in the usual sites I linger for heavy smut ideas. Anywho back to AmaPet…

AmaPet is about a girl Saotome Hina, she was sent to prison for being falsely accused of tax fraud in her company and she was left under the eye of the sadistic prison guard, Myouin Aki. It’s heavy on hentai, NTR etc… The weak of heart, please do not watch it.

The story for AmaPet is mediocre as it is not intriguing like SouMaji or Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji. It’s really plain usual Hentai NTR story, the characters are also bland. Not enough sparks to draw us in. However, some character development is as dull as a rock. Not given enough time to shine, even though it is a 3-minute hentai it is just not enough.

Honestly, this is the shortest review I had given by far, I am sincerely not happy with this series. It’s trying too hard to be like SouMaji. In my own thoughts, this is better of being a full 20+ minutes hentai. It being shorts is just ugh….




Story: 5/10

Character: 5/10

Music: 5/10

Overall: 5/10


What Would I Be Watching for Summer 2018

Hey Potatots~

Summer is here, and you guys know the drill~ My watching list is here. And, I’ll be choosing by seiyuu based as usual.


Fate Extra P2

Fate/ Extra Season 2

Finally, after MUCH waiting Gorilla* is here!

*FGO Joke, please google or ask your FGO friends what this means


Free! Dive to The Future

Make us Free na splash kasa ne ta ~ FREE! IS BACK BABY. Gay swimmers are back~ I’m a HUGE Free fan, I am not dropping this. I love Free too much to abandon it.

yume 100

Yume 100

Mobile game adaptation, I do hope it doesn’t disappoint me. For those who are new to this series, Yume 100 is a puzzle game on the smartphone that is currently very popular with girls in the Asian ACG community.



Just like Yume 100, Senjuushi is also a mobile game adaption anime. I am currently playing the game. I do hope this lives up to my standards. Also like Yume 100, Senjuushi is also available now to download.

Banana fish

Banana Fish

This is from Studio MAPPA, the same studio that gave us Yuri on Ice a year ago, I sincerely hope that this would be as good as Yuri on Ice.


Phantom in The Twilight

An Original Story from Happy Elements, the company responsible for my current Idol Hell contract, Ensemble Stars. The CV casting is so beautiful that I could cry as half of the male Seiyuus I am supporting are lending their voice to this.


So far, these would be my fixed watch list for Summer 2018. I may be adding some more if THAT anime is joining Summer 2018. That anime would be, Gakuen Basara! As a fellow Sengoku Basara trash. I WILL drop anything for it. So, what will you be watching for Summer 2018?


Wotaku Ni Koi Wa Muzukashii Review

Spring season is coming to an end; it is hard to say goodbye to some of this season’s anime. Alas, all good things must come to an end. This season we were blessed by a VERY relatable anime since last year’s Watshi Moutete Dousunda aka Kiss Him, Not Me.

Wotakoi is relatable due to its setting; real-life working adults that love anime, manga all things that label one as an ‘Otaku’. It hit us to the guts as soon as we watch Wotakoi, the situation the characters face are deja vu for everyone as we would be like ‘Oh god, I’ve been there. It’s pretty awkward…’ The storytelling is like a typical shoujo manga with bits of real-life situation here and there. At first glance, people would disregard this series as it is animated by A1 Pictures, yes A1 Pictures have hit or misses. But, please don’t judge a book by its cover.

Back to Wotakoi, the music accommodates the series well, both the opening and ending were good and catchy. You’ll lie to yourself if you did not memorize or sing along to the opening. While watching Wotakoi, you would not feel alienated by the characters as both Hirotaka and Momose reflects the Asian working adult otaku lifestyle.

Overall, Wotakoi is a good series that will make you feel wholesome and you’ll also appreciate your friends more. If you have not watch Wotakoi, please do. You are missing out a lot. And, if you are interested in the manga, it is equally good. I would recommend you to go to your local Kinokuniya to buy it. Volume 1 is translated into English.


Story: 8.5/10

Character Development: 8.8/10

Music: 8.6/10

Overall: 9/10


Free Talk from Minami

Wotakoi hits me in the guts personally as I had been into Momose’s situation last year for my internship, it’s really hard hiding the obvious fact that being an otaku while working and not let your boss find out your weird side is hard enough. It’s sad to say goodbye to a really relatable anime. I do hope all the new and upcoming anime and manga have this kind of concept. See you guys for Summer 2018! some anime are back ~

Is It OK to Fujoshify Everthing YOU See?

Warning: IF you are Fujoshi and you are butthurt after reading this, you need to calm down. And, I do enjoy BL here and there but, I am not a hardcore fujoshi. 

Hey there Potatos,  I am back with a serious topic that had been bugging me for a REALLY long time. And, I am not sure what is the percentage of Fujoshi readers on my blog; as this topic is all about them.

We will start from the basics on what is the meaning of fujoshi. The literal translation of Fujoshi meant rotten girl, this meaning is derived from the kanji writing of the word fujoshi – 腐女子. However, the meaning that Urban Dictionary and posts about BL gave this meaning, Girls who enjoy Yaoi or BL (Boys Love). In simple English, girls that prefer two guys together.

You would be asking, what harm would they do to the ACG community? They are just hormonal girls that like guy on guy action. The answer, a whole new level of hell. All the over fujoushifying the straight OTPs to BL Pairs, hating over the main girl that contribute the most to story and plot. Ever since the dawn of Japanese Animation; BL, and Yaoi had a growing fan base with good manga sales and anime adaptations. The early 2010s, the fujoshi community spiked up with fans as Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Junjou Romantica catering their thirst. It seemed alright at first; fans being fans showing their love and support. Now, it is just distasteful to all the new and old fans. As they are sort of ruining the enjoyment of the show.

Certain genres are ok with a drop of fujoshi fan service here and there to spice up some tensions. However, some genres are best left alone for example, Shoujo and Otome. These two genres are always the victim of fujoshis being whinny bitches about their BL ship is not canon because the main girl is a hindrance. For the love of God, just because Boy A and Boy B have an established friendship DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE GAY! And, a shoujo manga does not have a BL pair worthy for you girls DO NOT HATE THE MAIN GIRL! SHE DID NOTHING WRONG! 

Other than this, Otome games and Girl centric mobile games had to deal with this kind of treatment; girls PLEASE read the genre listing before deciding to give it a shot. A good example for this would be Uta no Prince-sama; UtaPri is a popular otoge that have a decent amount of boy characters for fujoshi to go cray cray with their shipping options.  PLEASE DO NOT HATE  Nanami Haruka just because she is NTRing your ship, UtaPri IS labeled as OTOME NOT BL/YAOI. This applies to the western fandom as well, please DO NOT demand your OTP to be canon if the creators have no plans for them to be.

In conclusion, is it OK to fujoshify everything you see? The answer, Yes and No. Why yes? YOU have the rights to ship all your characters how you like it. Why No? certain genre like Otome is a lone genre, leave it alone. And, here is a small PSA to you no chill fujoshis out there, PLEASE DO NOT harass the creators or VAs JUST BECAUSE your OTP is not canon. Let them do their job, they cannot satisfy a lot of people.


Pop Team Epic Review

Hello there Potatots~

Before I kick start Spring 2018 anime; here is the first review for Winter 2018 anime.

Honestly saying, Pop Team Epic was not on my initial watch list as I had no interest in it. But, boy was I wrong when my friend asked me, do I want to watch it with them or not. Pop Team Epic is a famous kuso Yokoma (Trash comic) in Japan, I knew about its existence from its collaboration with my beloved idol game – Ensemble Stars.  The story for PTE revolves around Popuko and Pipimi with their daily life of parodies and crazy antics.

The anime has 12 episodes in total, each episode got me to WTF and question my sanity all the way while watching it. It was overall enjoyable for fans that are used to Kuso anime like Gintama and Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan as it has a similar concept, comedy, and bizarre storytelling. I suggest you all seek therapy or bleach your mind after watching this series. Although the anime is short, it has Part A and Part B. Part A is always popular girl seiyuus in the Japanese seiyuu industry; as for Part B, it is the popular male seiyuus in the same industry.  PLEASE take this advice to heart, IF YOU ARE A SEIYUU FAN like me DO NOT WATCH THIS SERIES. If you decided to ignore my advice, please PM me and I will console you. Besides the usual Kuso anime antics, they do have a segment called Hoshi no Girl Drop, it is a cute segment that it is very enjoyable.

Overall, I am at lost of words for PTE as I don’t even know how to review this series. It’s very enjoyable when you give up humanity just to watch this series. If you had watched PTE, what’s your experience? I am aware of the Dubbed PTE, I have yet to watch it.



Story: 8/10

Character: 9/10

Music: 8/10

Overall: 8.5/10

Minami’s Free Talk


I am mentally torn watching Part B EVERY FUCKING EPISODE, being a male seiyuu fan is REALLY hard watching pop team epic as ALL of my respected A LIST seiyuus lent their voices for this series, I do enjoy their involvement but I am dying inside each episode. I mean, Morikubo; Toriumi; Kaji Yu; HiroTan Q v Q I am really lost at words for PTE. Someone save me, please.

What will I be watching for Spring 2018

Hey Potatots~

It’s finally time for Spring 2018 anime! Woohoo!!! My Winter 2018 reviews will be delayed for a few days, but anywho… This is my watch list for Spring 2018! As you guys are familiar with my taste in anime, it’s no surprise you’ll see similar genres here and there.

Starting off with my MUST WATCH

Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 – Part 2


You guys know the drill WHY SnS is on here, more food and drama from our beloved gang of chefs.

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii AKA WotaKoi


Two otakus fall in love? What more to ask? This is a highly recommended series for everyone that wants to date and is an Otaku.

Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi


Originally a light novel, now an anime. For those who LOVE Kamisama Hajimemashita or anything to do with Japanese Yokais (Srsly, send me a PM and let us be BFFs) This series will satisfy you to the max. Shoujo + Japanese Yokai = BEST CONCUSSION

Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari



Amai choubatsu Watashi wa kanshu senyou pet

Amai Choubatsu

R-18 stuff, underage PLEASE STAY AWAY


That’s my watch list for Spring 2018, what will you all be watching?

Going in to Fate Hell

Hello there Potatots,

It’s February! Lunar New Year is just around the corner *cough* Next week *cough*  It’s going to be another year of unwillingly receiving  red packets from relatives that you haven’t seen for almost a century. Anywho, for those who have installed Fate Grand Order in there phone… Time to grind events /slap

As the title says, this post is solemnly dedicated  to my fall in to this beautiful yet tragic series Fate from the famous TypeMoon company. Fate series is one TM’s many franchises; Fate is about Holy Grail Wars aka Seihai Sensou among mages Humans with magic roots/abilities to summon servants (any heroes from the past in world history) to help them fight each other till the end to obtain the holy grail. In normal English, it’s basically the Hunger games with magic involvement.

My fall in to Fate hell is during last year’s trip to Taiwan. I rode on the Fate Grand Order promo train twice and Gilgamesh, one of the character from the series lured me in to the trap. Prior to FGO, I do have basic knowledge of the Fate series. Thanks to the airing of the Studio Deen version of Fate/Stay Night anime on Animax back in 2006/2007.  It was a cool show, but it did not catch my attention for long as why would a 9/10 year old girl watch an anime about fighting? It just doesn’t make sense, however years later… Now Fate is my 3rd most invested fandom. I bought a lot of things without hesitation, my previous post regarding amiami is all Fate mech bought by me; even my friend who is in this hell earlier than me bought me Fate mangas without hesitation.

As for anime exposure, I do know of the Deen’s version of FSN, Fate/Zero, FSN UBW. My personal favorite and dear to my heart is Fate/Zero. Normally, Fate fans wouldn’t like Fate/Zero as much. Cause, to them… Fate/Zero is quite dark. Honestly, last year at a Fate themed party… My groupmates has 0 knowledge of Fate/Zero and I was shocked to the moon and back. They are long time fate fans and NONE of them watches Fate/Zero. Fate/Zero indeed was a dark series, but hey I like dark stuff. My soul is kinda dark from all the despair I had. I should find a time to binge the whole Fate anime chronology to educate myself better.

Overall Fate is an enjoyable series as it has world history, legends and folklore involved with it. If I could travel back in time to tell the 9/10 year old of myself about Fate, I would had gladly to.  As prior to this post, I am currently VERY invested and emotionally sold to Fate Grand Order and this series.

If you do play or watch Fate related media, who is your favorite servant? Comment below to share.

My beloved servant is Lancer, both FSN and Fate/Zero.

Diarmuid and Cu

Left: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Fate/Zero) Right: Cu Chulainn (Fate/Stay Night) *Their names are celtic as they are both Irish heroes

See you guys next time ~ ❤