What Kind of Gaming Computer Would I Want?

Hey Potatots, hope you guys had a great Summer! I came back from Taiwan few days ago and would be updating a post for Otaku shopping real soon~ Today, I would be writing about what kind of Gaming laptop or computer would I want. I might be changing my current laptop soon for a faster laptop that can support heavy games like Overwatch or any games from steam.

We all have that one dream to buy a gaming laptop for ourselves to satisfy our heavy dose of hourly gaming, ESPECIALLY if you play Dota or Overwatch on a daily basis. In addition, since most of us are still in university  or college… Money is tight with us, and it had been the key to why we can’t have good things in life.

Affordable Gaming Laptop or Desktop

For any College or University student, we want something that could be afforded with our own tight budget. Some gaming laptop could be more expensive but, the laptop isn’t as good as we think it is.  For now, college and uni kids just want something that is affordable from our own budget like this HP laptop http://store.hp.com/us/en/mlp/laptops/omen.


Next on the checklist would be the hardware, this is important to heavy gamers as it determines the fate of how many games could the laptop capacities as you binge buy from steam during the sales period or any new releases. The hardware also determines the laptop’s processing speed, is it faster or slower. First world problems,  everything has to be fast paced.


Other than hardware, resolution of your laptop is also very crucial to gamers who cares about the game’s resolution while playing. If a laptop has low resolution, it would be a total turn off for gamers as they wanted to see the computer graphics in high resolution. Currently, everyone wants everything in HD or above.

Graphic Cards

Like hardware and resolution, graphic cards are also an essential to a good gaming laptop. If a gamer wants to have their game on a 4K run or on multiple monitor run ups, a graphic card won’t be enough for that.

RAM and Battery life

Lastly, the two most essential things for a good gaming laptop, RAM and battery life.  RAMs are very important to gamers who wants to store heavy loaded games in their laptop for an extended amount of time and to play it on their free time. Battery life, oh the horror to everyone. If a laptop’s battery life dies fast *cough* mine *cough*   it is hell, you’ll need to be plugged on a charging port for hours to finish one game session. Battery life is very crucial to gamers, a battery life should last about a day for hardcore gamers.



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If I were to Organize a Comic Con-esque Event What Would It Be?

Hello there Potatots! Sorry for not posting anything from the beginning of August, personal problems with my family surfaced and it was hell.  As a self proclaimed super fan in a small city like Kota Kinabalu, events here for fans and enthusiasts are limited unlike West Malaysia the fans events are almost one month per event.  If I were to have a comic con standard event what would it be like?

We all know that Comic Con is America’s biggest event and a lot of celebrities, comic book artists would be there and it is more western pop culture centered. For fans of two worlds, eastern pop culture and western pop culture; conjoined events are a rare thing. The main highlight of my dream comic con would be the best of both worlds, both eastern and western pop culture would have equal exposure to old and new fans.

Who would be at the event?

All kinds of comic book companies like Marvel, DC to show case their awesome arsenal of comic book heroes and goodies. Figure companies like Kotobukiya, Good Smile Company, Max Factory to show case their upcoming releases of figurines from your favorite anime and comic book. Animation studios from Japan like Studio Gainax, A1 Pictures, Ufotable, MAPPA to showcase exclusive concept arts and visual arts to aspiring Animation students to indirectly motivate them on their dreams. Other than that, CURE WORLD COSPLAY would also be there to showcase awesome cosplay photos of cosplayers.

Where would it take place?

My hometown, Kota Kinabalu City of course. Sabah is a state of tourism in Malaysia, vast sandy beaches for tourists to enjoy and the food in Sabah is delicious. Everyone in Sabah are super friendly and nice.

Who would fans want to meet?

Guests of the events are super important for event attendees, and meeting guests would be an awesome thing. For Marvel Fans, meeting Stan Lee would be a big dream come true. As for DC fans, meeting stars from the DCTVU and DCEU would be a dream come true like meeting Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell, Melissa Benoist from the TV universe of DC. While for Eastern fans, meeting voice actors from their favorite anime would be an awesome experience; Suwabe Junichi, Ono Kensho, Ono Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi, Kaji Yuki etc.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a comic con-esque event dedicated to both Eastern and Western pop culture instead of having the argument of which side is better. Do check out eventbrite’s website to have your own event up and known to everyone across the web!

Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/ (Homepage)

Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/l/registration-online/ (To register your event)

That’s all from me! See you guys after my trip from Taiwan!

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