Yuri On Ice Merchandises For Sell

HEY guys, I am selling off my Yuri on Ice Merchandises, I am too poor to love them anymore. Anyone interested, please leave a comment. 

^ Rubber Strap, Yuri Plisetsky ONLY (5 USD)

^ Badges – Michele and Yuri P. (5 USD each)

^ Rubber Strap , Yuri  P. ONLY (5 USD)

^ Metallic Plate , Yuri P. ONLY (5 USD)

^ Arcylic Charm, witout the canned drink –  Yuri P. (5 USD)

^ Mochi Mochi  Plush – Yuri P. ONLY (5 USD)

^ Rubber Strap, Minami Kenjiro (4 USD)

^ Arcylic Charm – Yuri P. (5USD)

^ Strap,  Yuri P. (5 USD)

^ Badges – Yuri P. (5 USD)

Will be updated with more merch


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