The Dark Side of Fandoms

What is Fandom? According to Urban Dictionary and Wiktionary the meaning of fandom defined as a community surrounding a specific fandom. A fan is not limited to be in JUST one fandom, they could be in lots and lots of fandom. Including myself, I am in many fandoms. Not just Anime fandoms, I am also part of the Western fandom like Supernatural, Sherlock, The Flash, Arrow etc. How toxic a fandom could get? The answer, VERY TOXIC.

The anime fandom is filled with toxic gas, and I had observed quite a lot of popular big shots like Bleach, Naruto has many cancerous fans there. Normally, we would ignore these kind of fans due to they are being immature and childish over the authors’ decision to their beloved characters. Yes, we all have the rights to be angry. I admit, I was pretty much angry at Tite Kubo’s choices for Bleach, but I suck it up and accepted his choice. Cause, there is no point to be angry about something when the internet has the magical realm called FANFICTION, DOUJINSHI (Fan comics) and FANART.

Moreover, even in the western side of the fandom; it is not always rainbow and sunshine. Remember the incident from the Steven Universe Fandom? (I have no intention to hurt anyone, but merely stating a fact) The artist drew some plus sized character a little bit skinner and the whole fandom went into a war zone. Artists have the rights to draw their beloved character freely, fat shaming or not. IT IS JUST ART! Bullying a fan is just showing on HOW TOXIC a fandom could be. I know not all fans of various fandoms are like that, be careful on your choice of words on the internet. Once it up there, it will be there forever.

Recently, Tokyo Ghoul Fandom experienced the same fate as Bleach; the author decided to mash up two characters together to be the canon pairing. Touka and Kaneki, it is somehow a double edged sword, It is very predictable that those two would be together, and the downfall would be unhappy fans. Sheesh, the fire was so intense that it went on for a few days. Worst of all, fans demanded Ishida Sui to commit suicide. EXCUSE ME?! THAT IS TOO MUCH FOR A NO BRAINER FANS TO DO! It is very immature to think that way to channel your anger; the author has THE RIGHTS to choose what kind of story they want to bring out. Throwing tantrums and boycotting them WILL NOT DO ANYTHING GOOD! As I mentioned, Fanfic and fanarts exist for a reason; that reason is too let fans channel their ideal pairing into a world that is their own imaginations. Getting angry with the author will not do any good to both parties.

Lastly, there are ways for a fan to deal with choices made by the author. Fanfic, fanarts are a way to cope with it. The other is sheer denial; I personally am using this method to cope with DC’s choices with my beloved pairings. The side effect is hell. At the end of the day, fans still have their own imagination to channel their displeasure to, it is a give or take thing.

A small PSA to fans who bought merchandises or original comic books to support the authors, PLEASE do not simply throw away those things. They worked hard for them, think about their effort of getting those published. Cherish them with all your heart.



I normally wouldn’t rant like this unless it is something serious


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Riverdale Review

Riverdale had officially ended and it was one hell of a ride from a murder mystery introduction to a show full of secrets, although Riverdale is based on the ever-popular Archie Comics.  The show itself is dark AF. As a long time Archie fan myself, I instantly click with the series as it brings back memories watching the Archie cartoons on TV. To be honest, I am a bit shocked about the casting for all the characters, since almost everyone in Archie is 100% white and only Pops is a character of color alongside one of Josie’s friend.

It had been a long time since I last read an Archie Comics comic book, the Riverdale storyline is an independent storyline from the canon storyline, since 80% of the plot is uncanny. I got WTF every time new information spewed out of nowhere as what I remembered from the comics never happened. Overall, Riverdale is special in its own way; I absolutely adored the series until the end since the murder mystery game is just like playing Scooby Doo. Honestly, if there was an institute to train people to be sleuths I will not hesitate to sign up.

The characters from Riverdale had gone through puberty like some sort of radiation mutation process, since in the comics they were very different, especially Archie. He had the most change in the series. Since my childhood, my favorite character had always been Jughead Jones. He is just cute in his own way, however I just do not like Reggie from back then to now; he is just an ass to everyone. Between Betty and Veronica, Betty is my best girl. Veronica is just a bitch in both the cartoon and the comics. However, I had no recollection of Cheryl Blossom and her brother Jason; for I never bothered to continue the comics since it is quite expensive to buy at my place due to the exchange rate of USD and MYR.

Moving on, for non-Archie Comics fans I suggest you to read some wiki information about the background of the characters in Riverdale that would give you a 50% legitimate info about this series as a whole. The tone of the series is somewhat melancholy to fit the angsty tone, how the TV series was portrayed contributes to how we prescribe the series. I enjoyed all 13 episodes of the series and kept wanting more each week, now more secrets are revealed; I can’t wait for season 2. The murder of Jason Blossom in the series was really a roller coaster ride for his comic book information was not canny with the TV show.  As this is a spoiler free review, I will not leak out any information of the series except mentioning the murder of Jason.

Riverdale is one of my top recommendations for TV series alongside The Flash, Arrow, Super girl, Supernatural etc. I may sound bias, as I mentioned Archie was part of my childhood; Riverdale is just nostalgia. Do watch Riverdale if you haven’t watch it yet. You will not regret choosing it.

What to watch for Spring 2017

It’s been a while and it’s already halfway through Spring season of 2017. This season, There are a number of anime out for everyone. I had abandoned the Winter 2017 titles that I had chosen cause my sudden return to comic books drifted me away from anime for 3 month ( TV shows, Animated Movies etc.)

Spring 2017 has a handful of awesome anime to watch, including a LEGAL NSFW one.

Here are my pick:

  1. 全职高手(Pin Yin; Quan Zhi Gao Shou) AKA King’s Avatar


Made and voiced 100% from China, Quan Zhi Gao Shou is a Novel turned anime from China that sparked my curiosity from my cosplay community from West Malaysia since 2015. This tells the story of a pro Gamer Ye Qiu and his time as a Pro Gamer. A lot of my friends doesn’t like this cause they aren’t used to anime ‘being voiced’ in pure Chinese. Like WTF, this is the coolest shit ever! Music is awesome, I feel like I am watching an actual Chinese TV drama instead. LOL Plus, the production company is kind enough to feature actual fanarts at the end credits. I mean HOW COOL IS THAT?!

2. Souryou to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no yoru ni


This is the Legal Hentai I was talking about earlier, and yes you are not crazy when I say this is a LEGAL hentai to air on Japan TV. This series is known as SouMaji to myself cause the actual name is so fucking long and I loath translated name with a passion. The main girl’s crush is a monk and boy what is more sinful? fucking a monk. I love this series with all my heart and I spam news about this all over Facebook prior to the airing. (Welp… I knew about this series at 2 FUCKING AM, God knows what happened to me) This has 3 versions, the normal censored version for general TV, R-15 Version and a fully loaded hentai version. I will shove this series down your throat by force. (JK)

3. High School Star Musical Season 2


YAS! THE TIME HAS COME, StarMyu is back! Need I say more? IDOLS IDOLS IDOLS!

4. Fukumenkei Noise

Fukumenkei noise.jpg

I love the manga since the first chapter and it gave me roller coaster feelings, no shit cause Momo and his stubbornness. I dropped the anime even though I am a fan of the manga. The songs were great but, some parts I was hoping for more. I will continue the manga but not the anime as I dropped this for Quan Zhi Gao Shou.

What’s your pick for Spring 2017? Are you watching any of these? If do, let’s have a talk at the comments below! 🙂

See you again for Summer 2017

Beauty and The Beast (2017) Review

It’s MAY! And, this is the first review of the month! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! I haven’t been doing any review lately except for the review for Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, yea….It’s my current favorite at the moment. Anywho, I finally watched the over hyped movie Beauty and The Beast (2017) last weekend. I got free movie tickets from my work place.

I grew up with the original Beauty and The Beast from Disney, it was my 2nd favorite first being Mulan. (HA! Asian priorities. The animated movie from 1991 is already good enough for a girl growing up with Disney. The songs are always my favorite, my no.1 would always be ‘Be Our Guest’ not everyday you would see a talking candle stick singing about hospitality. It’s always amusing to hear that song. The animated version would always be the best in my heart.

Now, 2017 a lot of crazy stuff are happening and it’s not going to be pleasant on my feeling. I lost my grandpa a few weeks ago and I am coping with the loss while I just want to forget about the pain my ‘friends’ gave me from college. My internship actually helped, It’s hard that you have to hold your anger when they are around. Moving on, Beauty and the beast was amazing both cinematography and the story line. Most of the plot holes from 1991 were answered except that they changed the story line a little. I really enjoy the focus on the enchantress herself, she wasn’t really explained in the 1991 version.

There are two generations of girls that knew Emma Watson, the first gen would be the Harry Potter generation me and the current generation, the beauty and the beast generation. To be honest, it is hard for me to unsee Emma as Hermione when she started talking in the movie. She did a great job as Belle although her dress was a bit underwhelmed for me. As for the beast, no words could I describe him; although it’s a turn off for me when I saw his tail. IT. IS. NOT. FLOOFY. ENOUGH!!!!

All in all, Beauty and The Beast is perfection! I would rewatch it again and again. 😀


I am proud

I know it is old news to everyone, but it is quite shocking for me to know. Grant Gustin IS ENGAGED! He was engaged last month on the 29th, a few days after my birthday. LIKE OH MY GLOB! What’s more shocking is that his fiance is a fellow SABAHAN! MY COUNTRY MAN! Honestly, Andrea ‘LA’ Thoma – His fiance is so lucky, do bring him over to Sabah for good food! (Lol, just kidding. But please do!)

Links to the articles:

FYI, if you girls have no chill about this; there is tumblr and the key words ‘ Barry Allen Imagines’ 😉