TV Shows – Shameless US

This is my first time recommending a TV shows, since I don’t really watch TV shows until recently. My one month was spent on TV shows I had watched like Gotham, The Flash, Arrow, BBC Sherlock and more! There is this one show that stood out the most from my must watch list, my celebrity crush was in it. This show is called, Shameless. Shameless has a United Kingdom version that I have yet to watch.

Shameless is a good show that is relatable to most of us, it’s about a dysfunctional family in Chicago Illinois. So far, Shameless has 7 seasons and the 8th is coming soon. 😀 The story of Shameless revolves around the Gallaghers, Fiona is the eldest of the Gallaghers and she had to look after her siblings after her ‘parents’ can’t.

The TV show itself does not just touch on living in a dysfunctional family, it also touches the touchy topic of sex, LGBT and struggles, a really fucked up family like the – Milkovich, Drugs and more. Shameless is a good show for people that have problematic families.

。・。・゚★・。・。☆・゚・。・゚ ☆。・。・゚★・。・。☆・゚・。・゚ ☆。・。・゚★・。・。☆・゚・。・゚ ☆。・。・゚★・。・。☆・゚・。・゚ ☆。・。・゚★・。・。☆・゚・。・゚ ☆

   How I came across Shameless is from Gotham, Cameron is acting as Jerome and I got REALLY curious about him and ta da~ The rest is history. Cam is so hawt and cute. :3 I am so excited for Gotham and Shameless season 8.




Am I growing up?

It had been 7 weeks since I stopped watching Anime, or mingle around the topic that has to do with it. I still read some comics; not just Japanese. I do read from Mainland China. They have good ones there. However… I am more interested in Western TV show now. Like Gotham, The Flash, Riverdale, Arrow, Shameless (US). Its it possible for me to trade my 8 years worth of immaturity for something new and more mature?

What I meant on the word ‘Growing Up’ doesn’t revolves around my psychical feature but more on the psychological feature. I admit that I wasted 8 years of my life being immature and irresponsible. Looking back at myself, it’s really stupid and childish on acting like that. Well… I got a good slap in the face from reality last year when my life was suddenly thrown out of the window and it was shitty.

Unlike Western households, Asian households are not really open about mental illness, broken family and sexual orientations. Which is understandable, not even the major influence spectrum, Anime & Manga could accurately portray a broken family well. It’s kind of like taboo to talk about these topics in an Asian house.  Other than external sources on how am I ‘growing up’, religion is also the key player on my maturity.

I maybe a born Christian, through out my lifetime; I am never religious nor I care about the Christian lifestyle. God called out to me last year from Alpha in my college. Now, I am getting back on my own feet with a more mature mindset.