What a Valentine

Yesterday was the one and only, Singles Realization day…. Valentines Day. As you all know, I had been single for a long time. Not that I mind, all my Valentine had been fictional characters. /laugh cry

Anywho… I had quite a day,  I went to class the whole day as my beloved Russian cat from Yuri on ice. All my lecturers liked my look; I didn’t get any discrimination verbally so far. My friends were a-ok with it.  Then, I had a scare… I thought I flushed my ID and dorm keys down the toilet… I rushed into a lot of things. When I rush, no good things ever happen to me. Minami… Why? My ex wants to rekindle with me as friends after so long. To Be Honest, I don’t know how to react to that. I am practically fine alone since I am back on track with western fandom like Harry Potter, The Flash, Gotham and more.

16722701_1486185034725889_6957011426246174106_o.jpg < My Yurio

I hope everyone had an awesome Valentines.



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