Harry Potter and More…

Hey guys, long time no write. Even though it’s only a few weeks of no writing, I am driven to a corner in my family during the Lunar New Year break last two weeks. My grandfather was hospitalized for cologne cancer and it’s really painful for me, my grandfather was my only father figure in my life. I solemnly say, my biological father is no longer the ideal father figure in my life.  Moving on, the title of this post has Harry Potter involved and why does HP has to do with my purpose of this post?

To be honest, I wasn’t too keen in the Harry Potter fandom during it’s peak year from 2001 -2011. During that time, I am only on the surface as fan. However, recently…. I am officially in to Harry Potter; I blame fan fiction, the movies marathon on TV. I never really thought that I would be in the HP family few years late.  Harry Potter had been my sanctuary to escape from my really messed up life. Last two weeks, I made some self crafted wands from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Pottermore. I burnt my fingers from the hot glue gun and it was worth it.


My wands that I made,  it is relaxing for doing crafting.

Till next time. ヘ(´ω`ヘ)


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter and More…

  1. Rose says:

    Sorry to hear about your grandfather… I hope for his good health.

    On another note, your wands look amazing! How did you make them/ what are they made out of? ^^

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