Why I go back to Superheroes

It had been a solid 5 – 6 weeks that I did not returned to the Asian pop culture spectrum of my life. I am quite comfortable here with the western pop culture. I’m not talking about celebrities or songs. I am talking about SUPERHEROES!

My life had been turning 360 degrees, my mom is working 2 jobs. My family is breaking thanks to my ‘dad’. The reason why I chose the topic , Superhero is because of my mom. She is both my wizard and my hero. Other than that is also due to my life is unrelatable to the positive vibe that all the anime had been promoting. I know not all anime is like that, there are a bunch of dark themed ones. However, the Asian spectrum isn’t well in knowledge on dealing with broken family, the struggles and all….

Going back to the superhero topic, having a role model to look up to is always a child’s dream especially when the role model is a superhero. My all time superhero that I always look up to is Superman, I know he is too OP in the 21st century now. But, I was only 5-10 years old when I look up to him. Now, Wonder Woman is my  role model now, I chose her is also due to my mom being a strong and brave woman.

I haven’t been writing fun things after I went on the Asian pop to Western Pop transition. It’s had been rough for me to do so, but I am slowly coping it.


Do tell me who is your Superhero role model now or from childhood.


What a Valentine

Yesterday was the one and only, Singles Realization day…. Valentines Day. As you all know, I had been single for a long time. Not that I mind, all my Valentine had been fictional characters. /laugh cry

Anywho… I had quite a day,  I went to class the whole day as my beloved Russian cat from Yuri on ice. All my lecturers liked my look; I didn’t get any discrimination verbally so far. My friends were a-ok with it.  Then, I had a scare… I thought I flushed my ID and dorm keys down the toilet… I rushed into a lot of things. When I rush, no good things ever happen to me. Minami… Why? My ex wants to rekindle with me as friends after so long. To Be Honest, I don’t know how to react to that. I am practically fine alone since I am back on track with western fandom like Harry Potter, The Flash, Gotham and more.

16722701_1486185034725889_6957011426246174106_o.jpg < My Yurio

I hope everyone had an awesome Valentines.


Biggest regrets of my life so far…

I subscribed to Netflix last few days and boy…. I am questioning myself already. Don’t get me wrong, Netflix is AWESOME! During lunar new year this year, I got back to Harry Potter from the awesome movie marathons on TV. Now, I am obsessed with the TV drama, Gotham. Hence the headline of this post.

Gotham is undoubtedly a good TV drama, based on DC’s iconic BATMAN franchise. Most of you all may know that I mostly talk about anime, manga and all the Asian pop culture  that I am involved and influenced with. /laugh cry

How I knew Gotham was a good question, not from Tumblr; not from Friends but… Billboard advertisement from my city area along side the the Green Arrow ad. I was very intrigued  by the name itself, Gotham. And… I deduced that the series may or may not have connections with Batman. I was right, it does have connection; not very in depth since Gotham is loosely based on the cape crusader’s story.

It had been 5 days since I knew Gotham deeply, 3 days since I started watching the series. I have a permanent favorite character, Jerome Valeska. The reason why I got in to this series. Jerome has the traits of Batman’s long time rival, Joker who is also my favorite villain in the whole comic book loving side of me. I have to admit, the actor Cameron Monaghan did a damn good job portraying him. I couldn’t ask for a more better Joker after Heath. Letto fans, I haven’t watch Suicide Squad so I can’t say anything about him as Joker.

Me going into the Gotham fandom is both a blessing and a curse, however…. I do enjoy the series so far.




Harry Potter and More…

Hey guys, long time no write. Even though it’s only a few weeks of no writing, I am driven to a corner in my family during the Lunar New Year break last two weeks. My grandfather was hospitalized for cologne cancer and it’s really painful for me, my grandfather was my only father figure in my life. I solemnly say, my biological father is no longer the ideal father figure in my life.  Moving on, the title of this post has Harry Potter involved and why does HP has to do with my purpose of this post?

To be honest, I wasn’t too keen in the Harry Potter fandom during it’s peak year from 2001 -2011. During that time, I am only on the surface as fan. However, recently…. I am officially in to Harry Potter; I blame fan fiction, the movies marathon on TV. I never really thought that I would be in the HP family few years late.  Harry Potter had been my sanctuary to escape from my really messed up life. Last two weeks, I made some self crafted wands from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Pottermore. I burnt my fingers from the hot glue gun and it was worth it.


My wands that I made,  it is relaxing for doing crafting.

Till next time. ヘ(´ω`ヘ)