Yuri!!! on Ice Review

As 2016 will be ending in a few days, we all know that it had been a shitty year for almost everyone. Including myself, although 2016 is a fucked up year; but there is a sliver lining to save us from eternal remorse. And, that is the existence of Yuri!!! on Ice.

The whole concept of YoI is figure skating and promoting it through the most popular medium amongst youngsters – ACG (Anime, Comics & Games). YoI talks about a rookie skater, Katsuki Yuuri and his experience as a figure skater. He had depression after losing at the Sochi winter sports,  he rage quitted and went back to Japan an sulk. While he was back in Japan, he visited the old skating rink back there and miraculously skated his idol, Viktor Nikiforov’s regiment and it went viral on the net. After that whole viral video incident, he got a surprise visit from Viktor and he is determined to be his coach. Through Viktor; Yuuri got to explore himself more as a skater, he also met a lot of new friends along the way. YoI is a good anime for people to be encouraged and needed moral support.

In addition, the musical scores for all the skaters are AMAZING! I loved it very much especially Eros & Agape. And Emile’s techno theme. the songs are really relaxing and enjoyable.


Free talk from Minami

    YoI had a really out of control fandom, which made me want to leave the fandom. I know it had A LOT OF FAN SERVICE, PLEASE LEAVE REAL LIFE SKATERS OUT OF IT! Especially Yuzuru Hanyu. I don’t get why those fans can’t differentiate FICTION and REALITY. It really pissed me off. I personally don’t like to watch figure skating, but through YoI; I decided to give IRL figure skating a try. And, boy… Those skaters trained hard to achieved what they wanted, and asking someone to lose weight for a particular sports IS NOT FAT SHAMING! I have friends who do sports and they MUST be in tip top shape to do so. MY GOD, PEOPLE STOP BEING SO PARANOID! I honestly wish those fans could be more mature in seeing the sports world, I myself don’t do sports but I know how athletes must train their asses off. Immature fans, please grow up.


Story: 9/10

Character Development: 9/10

Music: 9/10

Overall: 9/10


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