The Aftermath of Mystic Messenger

Hey guys, Minami here. A few weeks ago I posted an intro on the current phenomenal Mobi Otome Game, Mystic Messenger AKA MISTAKE Messenger. Here is the aftermath review of the game. Post Reset AU PTSD.

Honestly, this game is the death of me ATM. I had to wake up at 2 3 am JUST to wait for the chat room and it ain’t fun. My sleeping schedule is so fucked up and I can’t function well for my 8 am classes. Ever since the Reset AU theory, this game is killing me like how my Touken Danshis, Touken Ranbu The dark side of Touken Ranbu Did to me.  I regret founding out about it at 2 FUCKING AM. YOU DON’T FUCKING MESS WITH MY FEELINGS AT AN UNGODLY HOUR! /flips the whole world.

I am so fucking done with my life right now… Mystic Messenger is really a Mistake for all of us.


Here is the link for my previous post on MM > Mystic Messenger AKA Mistake Messenger


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