Mystic Messenger AKA Mistake Messenger

‘Every morning I wake up to the same sweet sound
Picking up my cell phone that’s been ringing’

        Have you ever wonder how is it like when you downloaded an app on the App Store or Play Store that will lead you into an anonymous chat room  with lots of handsome guys? Other than some weird ass fantasy from despo  women, no right? Oi, Minami… Your one of them And… That is where Mystic Messenger came into our lives to feed us with handsome Oppas to save us from being despo. No, it just made us thirstier… 

       I found out about this game from my friends through social media, I got curious when my friends were posting screen shots of the game and complained on how they missed a call from their ‘darlings’… I got curious on WHAT exactly the game is about, curiosity kills the cat…That is how Mistake Messenger came into my fucked up life. I’m still recovering slowly from my break up so…

     The game itself was good for it’s created and developed by Cheritz a Korean gaming company which made both Dandelion and Nameless. At first, I have issues with the game. Constantly bug issue. I was forced to quit the game for a short while, now I am back to the hell hole. Minami… Why?  I can’t say much for the game for I haven’t finish the whole thing and the fandom is feeding me with  A LOT of unwanted things. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A HAPPY AND FUN GAME, NOT A K DRAMA WIP!  I am suffering with the latest angst regarding Seven aka Luciel aka Saeyong. I CAN’T LOOK AT THE OPENING THE SAME WAY AGAIN! * Gross sobbing in a corner *

    Each of the character had their own problems and demons to deal with, pffftttt…. Typical K Drama in the making. Not that I complain though… It’s too much for me to handle even though I don’t mind spoilers. All in all, MISTAKE MESSNGER STOP FEEDING ME WITH ANGST!!! I guess the theory is true then. The one that had the biggest smile is sad in the inside. * whispers * Seven… Oi! Spoiler!

     As an avid Otome gamer and veteran, I am happy that Otome games are getting recognition in the gaming society. I hope more people will be exposed to it, however I do also hope that they do take otome seriously though. I am really fed up with people that complain about the gaming style. * face desk *  For new otome gamers, they are also a lot of otome games waiting for you to try. Or, if you are curious on otome. Feel free to find me. 😀

       Lastly, Mystic Messenger is a highly recommended game from me personally if you want to venture into the world of otome gaming.

Rating: 9/10


Minami’s Oppa raking

No. 1 ~ Zen


^ Even though he is a bit narcissistic, I can’t help but fell for him in first glance.

No. 2 ~ 707, Luciel Choi Saeyong


^ I am so heartbroken about his current angst.

No. 3 ~ Han Jumin


^ Tokiya’s rich Korean Cousin.

No. 4 ~ V, yes. V. the guy that doesn’t have a route



No. 4 ~ Unkown, Choi Saeran


^ Another poor soul. CHERITZ! I DEMAND A SEQUEL GAME!

No. 5 ~Kim Yoosung


^ This boi is last cause his siscon problem

Comment below on your experience of this game. I’d like to read them 🙂


5 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger AKA Mistake Messenger

  1. HijackedCat says:

    MM hell is real :’D
    I actually only started it because everyone kept pestering me to try it out, so I started 5 days ago, and so far it’s been good, tho I agree that it has some issues for me. When I try to put an avatart from my gallery it crashes on me, it must be my potato tablet >-<
    I think the one's I might like the most is Yoosung and Jumin…Yoosung is adorable and Jumin has Elly, I'm super weak for animals ;v;
    Really good post about it, I'm sure you'll be dragging other girls down to MM hell thanks to it~

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