Diabolik Lovers Review

Hi guys, Minami here. You guys most probably knew that I’m a hard core Otome fan right? I honestly hated how NON Otome fans treated Diabolik Lovers, yes. I know they are sadistic and mean towards Yui and I know the anime sucks so bad. But, did you ever realized that DiaLovers IS AN OTOME GAME? No right?  As an avid Otome game player, please think twice before choosing an Otome Game adapted Anime to watch. Enough with my rant, lets get down to business.

Diabolik Lovers is an Otome game developed by both Rejet and Otomate. It had 5 games and a lot of Drama CDs. I personally had a love hate relationship with the franchise itself due to the characters. Diabolik Lovers tells the story of a girl, Komori Yui. She was sent to live in the Sakamaki mansion by her father. Yui met 6 handsome young men at the mansion. The 6 boys were the Sakamaki brothers, the eldest > Shuu ; second eldest > Reiji ; the triplets > Ayato, Kanato, Laito ; the youngest > Subaru. The brothers were not fully brothers as they were all born from different mothers. Bad parenting strike 1 Yui was treated like a blood bag to them, although she is only human. She has her rights.

The boys treated her that way was also contributed on how their mothers raised them. Bad parenting strike 2 Each of them had their own problem, Shuu could care less about the world was due to the loss of his dear friend, Edgar. Whereas for Reiji, He just wanted his mother and brother to acknowledge him and thus him being so uptight and he hated his brother, Shuu for taking all the attention. Next, the triplets…. Can I not talk about them? No.   Ayato, Kanato and Laito. I have issues with these 3. Why? They were raised up wrongly by their mother. Ayato was forced to study all the time in his childhood and was thrown to the fountain if he did not listen, ouch. Kanato, he is a bit childish for his own age. He throws tantrum every time when things did not got his way. This was due that his mother did not give him any motherly attention, she was busy screwing up men. She even screw some of them in front of him. Ugh…. Kanato cherishes his Teddy bear, Teddy for he thinks it’s a gift from his mother. poor boy, he need therapy. Last of the triplets, Laito. This boy had A LOT of issues. He fucked his own mother and he does not know what true motherly love means. Laito is a guy that needws therapy ASAP. I can’t bear with him and his sex addict lifestyle. And, last but not least; Subaru. Subaru is a decent guy, just anti social and he is easily angered. His own mother rejected him as she was forced into a marriage that she does not want to be into.

Moving on, the game and the anime has differences for the anime is JUST AN ADVERTISEMENT for the game. The production company wanted the fans to play the game to find out more. And, it is true. The game is more dark as it had more secrets about the Sakamaki bothers. If you are the type that complains about HOW BAD the anime is after watching, I suggest you to stop choosing otome games adapted series and try a different genre, cause the original source is important. I have to admit, the anime does have good artwork, but I still prefer the original game artwork.


The artwork from the game, it had the feel

Dialovers animu

Artwork of the anime, the feel was there but not as impactful as the game.

But, it is not up to me to judge what kind of fan are you all. I am simply an avid Otome game player that defend any otome games adapted anime that had the bad treatment from anime watchers that doesn’t understand the otome games and the way of the game play itself.  Lastly, Diabolik Lovers is a good series. The game and Drama CDs are amazing, it is up to you to decide.


Story: 8.5/10

Music: 8.7/10

Character Development: 8.1/10 

Overall: 8.9/10



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