Visual Art Expo 2016

Hi guys, long time I haven’t update. I was busy with college and mending my broken heart. I broke up with my now ex last week, so yeah. I did not cry except in the presence of God. Anyways, VAX was last weekend. It was fun since it’s my first Visual Art Expo, I got to be part of the Cure Cosplay Collection. It had always been my dream to be part of it and I was thrilled to meet the person behind all of it. Mr. Inui Tatsumi!

Nanami ccc My first CCC spotlight

16-06-05-19-54-58-184_deco Another prized photo, my selfie with Inui-san

VAX was enjoyable, I left a weird impression for Tatsumi-san as I was a loyal user of his website, Cure! www And, I surprised him with his own phtobook that I bought and I came prepared with my sharpies. Lol It was all worth it, for meeting him is my top prority in my bucket list.

Drunk ppl My favorite moment during the Kuroshitsuji Panel besides roasting Grell and Sebastian.

I can’t wait for my Animangaki adventures! Till then people! Stay fabulous!