Artist 3 Cosplay Showcase + Photoshoot

Hi guys, it had been a long time hasn’t it? I was so busy and lazy lately that I forgotten that I actually had a blog. Lol, college life is getting tougher for I am at my 3rd semester already and I really need to focus a lot. -6a20d966308d60a0 Anyways, last week was Artist3 Cosplay Showcase, a cosplay runway show for me to warm up for Cure Cosplay Collection for VAX which I regret signing up for It had been years since I went on stage and made a fool out of myself. For Day 1, I cosplayed as Neko and went on stage. While day 2, I was Nanami Haruka my best girl. Most of the pictures will be Nanami cause, all the photogs offered me photoshoots as her. -35bcda87860645fe


16-05-24-22-25-49-987_deco < This is such a nice concept I like it.

Nanami Concept 1 < This is kinda eerie to be a picture for UtaPri. But, It’s still nice though.


NanamiCasual < This shot is taken by a good friend of mine that I had met here in West Malaysia, John.

IttokiXNanami < Proposal pose, my ultimate favorite.

Being Nanami is the best part of my 6 years of cosplaying life, I finally got to the proposal pose with my Otoyan ~ ♥ But, during the freeze Jinguji went to disrupt us. I guess, he was jealous that Nanami chose Otoyan over him. ccf03ef348cfb46 I am still waiting for the photos, so stay tuned at my WorldCosplay accout for updates! This weekend is VAX, AHAHAHAHAHA, I am NOT ready…. Bye people! ♥