Finally 19

April 27th, marks my 19th year of existence in this semi-fucked up world. I grew to be a hybrid of both a Western pop culture and Eastern pop culture fan. I was always a social outcast due to my interesting choices of making friends, sexual orientation and hobbies.  However, life wasn’t as cruel as it seems; I met people who likes the same thing that I do and they had been with me ever since. Now, I am just a girl obsessing over Japanese culture and fashion.

I learned a lot of things while growing up, it was tough but i went through it. As I got into cosplay during my early teens, I get to see the world more realistically. It was a scary place. I got back stabbed a few times in high school, now I am very wary of who am I befriending with.

-6a20d966308d60a0 Mikazuki: Aruji, I took the blade for you…

Now, 2016 I have a lot of mystery to solve in life and I had loving friends and family to go through it with me. For now, I am still struggling in college. Being a college student meant a lot. More responsibilities and all…

ccf03ef348cfb46 Mikazuki: Aruji…don’t procrastinate your work.

^ Aruji x Hotaru.jpg ^ A lovely art drawn by my bestie, mori. So cute! My Saniwa and a still missing Oodachi, Hotarumaru.

1fb918553ee9b7d2.jpg Uguisumaru: Wahhh!!! Aruji….

Next year, I’ll be 20. How times flies by and I feel old every year. Never less, I will forever be 16 at heart.



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