ACG Fiesta Report 2016

I just attended my first event of 2016, and it’s ACG Fiesta 2016. The event was overall awesome but, I do have some regrets. The event was overall enjoyable except for the Love Live 2 Days straight concert. X ___ X I am not a LL fan but got partially brainwashed into the song.

Anyways, I really had lots of fun derping as Nanami Haruka on her day off seeing both STARISH and Ittoki Otoya’s performance. As for day two, I really regretted that I chose NOT to cosplay as Nanami. ; ∇ ; My STARISH babies. Anywho, I got recruited as Tomo-chan for a cosplay group for Utapri during C2AGE. YES!!! Φ ω Φ And, the version is Shining All Stars. THANK YOU KAMISAMA!!! ; w ; It’s my dream to be in a completed group. wwww

UtaPrifantasy ^ Kyaaa~ Jinguji-san & Ittoki-kun fighting over Nanami~ ❤

Ori Ittoki X Nanami^ Ittoki-kun won ~ weee~

See you guys soon! Bye bii! For now~


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