Kamisama Hajimemashita 2 Review/Thoughts

This is my first import post from my blogger blog.

  Hi there!

I am doing my 2nd review for animes I had watched finish . And….. Now, my subject would be my favourite Shoujo Manga; 2nd to Vampire Knight.  

 Kamisama Hajimemshita or Kamisama Kiss

to most people.

 I had spent the entire day yesterday watching the anime. Honestly,  I am quite disappointed as a few parts from the manga were not shown in the anime. The staffs in charge of Kamisama sure love to leave the story hanging, I MEAN WHY DO YOU LEAVE TOMOE BEING ALL TSUNDERE ABOUT HIS FEELINGS FOR NANAMI?!  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I was delighted to know that Akura Ou would make his appearance in the anime and he is friggin voiced by Junichi Suwabe!! The man who voices A LOT of awesome but narcissistic characters…..




Akura Ou’s concept art for the anime:

Not bad, but he needs more screen time.

I am disappointed cause before Nanami went to the God Summit, she had a competition with a girl called Hiiragi Kayako for a spot in the Summit and…. WTF actually happened?! That ENTIRE story line WAS CUT OFF?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Kayako won’t get her voice voiced and I can’t really imagine how would she sound like. It’d be nice if she would be voiced by Orikasa Fumiko or Romi Paku. // draws circle on the floor


 < Kayako…..

The story was good, I laughed and mentally broke down with it. PEOPLE STHAP BULLYING MIZUKI!!!!! HE NEEDS LOVE!!!!!!!!!

 The opening and ending were great, Hanae’s singing were beautiful


Furball here is voiced by Hiro-tan, WHAT THE HELL?! WHY HIRO-TAN?! plus , he isn’t that evil yet…. Q w Q

Final thoughts, The whole story was great , please make it longer next time. I can’t wait for the OADs~


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