Tokyo Ghoul + Tokyo Ghoul √ A Review

Imagine a world where the entire human race is threaten by human like creatures that eats humans as food and they are unaware of those creature were lurking around them. Awaken as a half ghoul after a near death experience with a ghoul, Kaneki Ken needs to cope and learn the ways of a ghoul and keep his identity as a ghoul a secret. That is what the world of Tokyo Ghoul is portrayed as. Dubbed as the best anime of 2014, I finally sucked up the ‘guts’ to watch this series. But, don’t expect me to watch Shingeki no Kyojin though.   I can say this series perked up my interest after I encounter fanfictions about this series on DeviantART and my subconscious won’t let me watch it cause it was ‘too mainstream’ and my cosplay inner goddess would add the characters from the series into my almost deserted cosplay plans. Enough bullshitting and, let’s get down to business.

The story plot for both TG & TG √ A  were both interesting and I was really drawn to the animation style. It was really illuminating with the design of various Kangune and Quinques. I was amazed that how the production staff could pull out such an amazing job for the animation and story boarding. Next, I am a bit shocked that my two A list seiyuus did the impossible. Kana Hanazwa & Miyano Mamoru made me jaws dropped with their characters in the series. I always though Kana would be the shy and bubbly kind of seiyuu; namingly she voices characters that are kind hearted. But, her performance as Rize really made me see another side of her. Maybe, I should pay more attention to her… As for Mamocchi, his semi perverted side came out. I wanted to laugh at his antics as Shuu but, I couldn’t. He is too awesome. Thirdly, the music for the series were superb!!! I got the opening Unravel stuck both in my head and phone. The production staff really impressed me. 😀

Minami’s Favorites

   Ok, I’m getting organized here. If I’m ever doing another new series; this will be a format that I would use. It will help me be more systematic.

Favorite Assholes Ghouls

These are my human eating, assholes that I like.

  1. Nishio NishikiNishikiAsshole no.1 everyone’s asshole.  He maybe somewhat sleazy but, he is a nice guy deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp down. I liked him before I even officially watch TG.
  2. Kirishima Ayato Ayato Asshole no.2 , he is literally an asshole to me, acting all cocky and stuff. I only liked him because he was voiced by Kaji Yuki, one of the reason why I was going to watch TG in the first place.
  3. Tsukiyama Shuu  Tsukiyama Asshole no.3 , the Kaneki obsessed maniac. I’d lie if I denied that he is one of my approved characters. He is just so amusing saving the ‘I want to taste Kaneki’ shit. Overall, he’s okay.

  Favorite Investigators

  1. Amon Kotaro Amon He’s determined, slightly confused with the world… ; A ; Why is Ishida-sensei so cruel?!
  2. Arima KishouKishouArima My Papa-in-law. My friend made a joke about how Arima is Midorima’s father since they both look alike. Lol~ And, Midorima from KnB is my favorite character. Thus, he is my papa-in-law.
  3. Suzuya Juuzo Suzuya TBH, I thought this guy was a ghoul at first. Since he looks like one . He’s a psychotically cute boy~

TG Jack is coming out end of this month! I can’t wait, although the main would be my papa-in-law.

Story: 8.9/10 

Character Development: 9.5/10

Character Design: 9.5/10

BGM  & Songs: 9/10

Overall: 9.5/10


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