Top 10 Male Seiyuu with AMAZING Singing Voices

Hey guys, I’m back with another top 10 list! This is a hard one for me since ALL the male seiyuus I know sings and they are AWESOME at it! But before you dis me about my picks, this is my choice and you guys can share your top picks. This will be the first post with Honorable mentions. ≥ ∀ ≤

  1. Suzuki Tatsuhisa

bafdc1196cea6be047c843146d13c437 My senpais got me into him after bombarding my FB walls with news about him. I do enjoy his singing career side too. I’m also a big fan of OLDCODEX.

2) Taniyama Kisho

13108671465_500d451b34  I was shocked to discover that he was a rock singer when I was exposed to his existence from Uta no Prince-sama series. I am a HUGE fan of GRANRODEO because of him. //Shot

3) Miyano Mamoru

Mamocchi I was exposed to Mamocchi by senpais and UtaPri series. I do like his singing voice, he was GREAT! He is also one of the multi-talented Seiyuus i know.

4) Ono Kensho

ono ken He was a great singer/seiyuu. He looks adorable and I enjoy his singing. I was exposed to him by Kuroko no Basuke. He did sang both the ED ( Fantasic Tune) and OP ( ZERO) of the series.

5) Ono Daisuke  another Ono in the list

Ono D

Also a multi-talented seiyuus that I know. He’s singing was great and so is his Voice acting! \( ’ ω ’)/

6) Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Toyonaga Toshiyuki

An unappreciated seiyuu with an amazing voice in singing. I first knew him from Katekyo Hitman Reborn as Irie Shoichi. He also sang the OP for DRRR!! x2 Ten (Day You Laugh). He needs more appreciation.  ≥ ∇ ≤

7) Morikubo Showtaro


Another multi-talented Seiyuu…. ∑( ° Δ °) So many multi-talented seiyuus… Anywho, Showtan had a really amazing voice and he is also a good seiyuu.

8) Suwabe Junichi


Φ ω Φ Hopefully my last multi-talented listed seiyuu… Suwabe-san is just a great singer.



I need to sthap adding multi-talented seiyuus into my list… ∑ ( ° ∏ °) KENN is just superb, but… I can’t place him in the top list since I don’t really listen to his singing besides his Character Dino from KHR’s Chara song. = ω =

10) Suzumura Kenichi


Playful yet talented. SuzuKen is amazing. I didn’t know he was also a pro singer until I was exposed to him by UtaPri. ≡ ω ≡

 ♥ Honorable Mentions ♥

  1. Irino Miyu

2) Kakihara Tetsuya

3) Kamiya Hiroshi

4) Kimura Ryohei

5) Yonoga Tsubasa


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