Free! Eternal Summer Dub vs Sub

Before Free! Iwatobi Swim Club and Eternal Summer, watching summer anime for us Fujoshis isn’t that special. But after 2013 and 2014, summer was the blast! In 2015, FUNimation dubbed the second season of Free! And, here is my comparison review.

Free! Eternal Summer is one of my must watch anime of 2014. I spent all my time watching that anime event though I was facing an important exam that year. I gave the dub a try after finding out it was available via tumblr. I need to compare the dub and sub after watching 3 episodes of the dub and, here is my point of view.

The script:

Both of the English dub and original Japanese were awesome and unique. But, my vote goes to the original one. I do liked the engilsh dub for the jokes. I laughed more while watching the dub more than the sub.


  1. Nanase Haruka~ I personally liked the dub!Haru more than the original Haru. He is more ‘normal’ and I could understand him easily. I wasn’t excepting Todd voicing him. Since in the original Haru was cool , calm and a kuudere. I enjoyed both Harus.
  2. Matsuoka Rin~ Original Rin for me on this one. Vic was cool but, it wasn’t my ideal dub version of Rin. I did enjoy both Rin but, Mamo did a better job in portraying Rin.
  3. Yamazaki Sosuke~ This is a hard one for me. Both Hosoya-san and Ian did a GREAT job on pulling this guy out. If I had to pick, I’d say the dub version would be my choice.
  4. Tachibana Makoto~ He is the reason why I want to watch the dub version, in the dub ; he is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch! My favorite VA. Although, fans were a bit disappointed about it. Yes, I know Suzuki Tatsuhisa did an AMAZING job as Makoto,  But, Johnny did great too. If I had to pick, I will choose the Original Makoto. His warm aura won me over.
  5. Hazuki Nagisa~ Out of topic, 50% off Nagisa is better. I don’t really enjoy the dub Nagisa in the series, I know that loud mouth noisy blond is a shota and… Shota are supposed to have high pitched voices. I give my vote to the Original Nagisa for this one. Overall Nagisas…. 50% Off Nagisa won.
  6. Ryugazaki Rei~ Oh boy… Another hard one…. Both J Micheal Tatum and Hirakawa Daisuke were great. I really like how the brought out Rei’s personality well. If I had to choose, I’ll say the Dub!Rei is my choice.

Okay, that’s about all my POV in the Dub vs Sub Characters for Free! Eternal Summer. If you guys have different opinion, just comment below. I love to know your perspective.


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