WA-Avenue x OtaFuse Cosplay event Report

Hi hi!!! I haven’t been cosplaying since my last official photoshoot. And, yesterday was a collaboration event from OtaFuse at a new shopping complex at my soon to be hometown. WA-Avenue x OtaFuse Cosplay Event

This event will be my last if I can’t make it to Synchronize this weekend which is also my last week at Kota Kinabalu ~ with out further ado, here is my report!

  The event was a one day event at Oceanus~ I was cosplaying as Nanami Haruka from Uta no Prince-sama Shining All Stars version. It’s my favorite cosplay and this year would be my last cosplaying as her. Moving on to other Otome Heriones…

IMG_4703217694545 Me in my costume with Sakura from TRC~ Taken by Kelvin a good friend of mine. 🙂

DSC_0001 I love the staff at Starbucks Oceanus~ They are friendly and sporting! :3

IMG_4723320242993 My first Kabedon. Ai!!! What are you doing?! STOP HIM!!! ∑( ° □ °)Taken by Paparazzi , David.

The cosplay competition was great, I was asked to go on stage for a short cat walk. Oh well, I got a free gift! It’s tea from Hokkaido. No photos for that , I was on stage for 3 seconds. Plus, that wasn’t the highlight. Anywho, my 3 close friends won the event~

DSC_0002 My boyfriend for the day, Mikaze Ai (CN: Macoto) I enjoyed being Kabedon by Ai and the reverse Kabedon. Photos will be out soon…

IMG_20150823_225024Most prized Purikura~ Couple cos Puri!! wwwww

That’s all!! I can’t wait to attend my first event at KL , MGACE!! Anyways, ciao peeps! Need to decide to attend Synchronize or not.


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