Top 10 Otome Game Anime Adaption

Hi guys , as promised that I would do a Top 10 otome game anime adaption list. This is my personal list , there are a few more that didn’t made into my list for 2 reasons 1) I never finished the series or I quit half way. 2) The series bore me. Lets begin!

10) Starry Sky

starry-skyReason: The story was half assed and unclear about the characters. You need to play the game instead.

9) Arcana Familga

la_storia_della_arcana_famiglia_2228Reason: The story and character development was good but , not really my ideal otoge adaption.

8) Amnesia

Amnesia-frontReason: The character development on the heroine was a disappointment for me.

7) Diabolik Lovers

6792970dea24081392ab45d083fc10791379350651_full Reason: The story plot and character development was tolerable for me. Its a bit NSFW for others.

6) Kamigami no Asobi 51598e42707587a64cdcf1dd00e4eeae1396456720_fullReason: They need to give the other characters more screen time.

5) Uta no Prince-sama

imageReason: It maybe my favorite but, it wasn’t worthy to be my no.1

4) Brothers Conflict

Brothers-conflictReason: Need more development in the story plot.

3) Hiiro no Kakera

Hiiro-no-Kakera-hiiro-no-kakera-32776827-3531-5000Reason: The story was good. Character development was good too. But, not worthy as my no.1

2) La Corda D’oro Primo Passo

383071a2c629ff64fb33669a793eac311293594874_fullReason: Both the story and Character development impressed me. I enjoy this the most but, it’s not worthy as no.1

1) Hakuouki

-Hakuouki-hakuouki-34383461-1280-949Reason: The story and Character development reached my expectations.

So, there you have it. My top 10 Otome adaption. What’s your top 10? Cmoment below!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Otome Game Anime Adaption

  1. somethingaboutlynlyn says:

    Hakuouki had a good story line and I enjoyed the character development.

    Hiiro no Kakera also has a good story line despite the fact that it was pretty slow in developing it.

    Amnesia was a poor otome game adaptation for me. I didn’t really understand the plot line all together, and some of those male characters were kind of insane. haha

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