Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Revolution Review

Hey , guys~ after my HEAVENS come back rant; I decided to do an all out review for my favorite series Uta no Prince-sama or UtaPri for short. We all know UtaPri is basically a reverse harem anime. Which is true, but… UtaPri was actually a visual novel game targeted to girls who had no life. Me Let’s get to business, I am happy that UtaPri had a 3rd installment after ML 1000% & 2000%. Honestly, I was expecting the staff to name the series 3000% to go with the flow. But, they named it ML Revolutions instead. Welp… Not bad Broccoli. The story plot of Revolutions was loosely based on the game All Star. It was good enough since the seniors got more screen time. But seriously though, was saying the word ‘Revolution’ a lot of time that necessary?

Next, the songs selection for the entire series was still a grade A for me. Although, I’m not really happy with the Cross Unit planning. The songs were great but as a self-proclaimed  loyal fan, was that really necessary? I know the whole wide world was NOT happy that their angel, Mikaze Ai was an ANDROID. Dude, have you played the game All Stars or Debut yet? Or read the gurd dayum wiki for info on him? Anyways, I was super surprised by Reiji’s 360 change of personality in the show. He’s true colors were shown. Speaking of true facade, I’m not really happy with Camus. I know he’s a stuck up count from Permafrost and he’s also a perfectionist. Doesn’t mean he had the right to treat Nanami like shyet. That’s just wrong. I have no comments on Ranmaru, he’s too awesome in the show. But, it pains me to see him give up Rock n’ Roll for Quartet Night. I am not gonna talk about STARISH since, I’m more set to talk about QN. Lastly, the come back of HEAVENS. I already ranted about them on my last post so I’ll just say look down on STARISH and QN you guys are dead meat.

My Ratings;

Story Plot: 8.5/10

Character Design: 9/10

Songs & BGM: 9.5/10

Character Development: 9.7/10

Overall: 9/10

Two more years to go until season 4 ~ And, I hope the staffs are prepared with the information on HEAVENS.


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