Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Revolution Rant : Return of Heavens

Warning: May contains spoilers and cursings 

  Okay, UtaPri just ended for me for 5 minutes already and I AM NOT happy about it. Why? Here is why…

:bulletred: HEAVENS is back and they had even more douche bags with them , they are cute though… // smacked by Camus with his book 
:bulletred: The ending was a BLOODY cliffhanger , What The FARK?! YOU DON’T END IT WITH A CLIFFHANGER!!! What the hell Broccoli?! ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻  

Oh my gurd, I don’t think I’m ever graduating from UtaPri. I mean, why you bring back HEAVENS when the show itself lasted 13 episodes and have to wait for 2 years for the next season!  t(○ x t  ○)

As a loyal fan of UtaPri DO NOT give Nanami anymore pressure! Camus is already enough.

Gurd, even the official website has the news of HEAVENS as headline!!!Screenshot_2015-06-28-07-50-11 They are copying STARISH!!! Because STARISH has 7 members now HEAVENS also have 7 members!!! Nuuu!щ(゚Д゚щ)(屮゚Д゚)屮



Uta no Prince-sama photo shoot Feb 28

This is a SUPER late post about my very first official  photo shoot back in February this year. The photographer gave me the photos late and I had to delay on writing the post.

Venue: Tanjung Lipat Beach

Cosplayers: Koimo (Nanami Haruka); Sora (Ittoki Otoya); Ron ( Kurusu Syo) 
Version: Shining All Stars
Photographer: Azhar aka Pandagraphy

Helpers: Mori , Kaz 

I really enjoyed the whole photo shoot, it was windy and it was hard to keep my wig neat. Not only that, we also had  a picnic with friends since it was also the 2nd day of the Four Seasons Toy Fair that day. FTW, I also had a post about the Toy Fair do check it out.

First of all, I would like to thank Azhar for being the photog for the shoot. The photos were great and I am really satisfied with them. Next, I would like to thank my friends Mori & Kaz for being the saikangs on dealing with the reflectors although they are ‘Vampires’ they still stood under the sun to help. Lastly, I would like to thank my princes Sora and Ron who were my partners for the day.  I hope the next photo shoot would be more awesome.

we love you nanami Syo &Otoya: I love you, Nanami.

Nanami and Otoya Otoya: Smile Nanami.

syo kiss Syo: Nanami, I love you.

Saranghae version Otoya Saranghae Otoya’s Version

Saranghae version Syo Saranghae Syo’s Version

Syo and Nanami Nanami….

Who will you choose Who will you choose Princess?

I will catch you I will catch you Nanami

hearts Mini Hearts

Thoughts Otoya’s Thoughts : Thank You Nanami.

   BTS….. Picnic & Rest

_MG_4966   < My Leg fell asleep during resting time…

_MG_4794 < Mori helping out with my wiggu, super windy…_MG_4805 < Saikangs helping out with the reflectors

_MG_5225  < Friends for the picnic….

_MG_5228 < Mori, helping out to cover my skirt from flashing.

I can’t waith for my upcoming photoshoot ~ It’s UtaPri again!