Back from MIA and spent 6 days with BL ~

Hi there! I had been MIA for almost two months now, I was busy with college preparations and moving from my grandparent’s home back to my newly renovated one.

My gosh, moving is a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS!!!! (ノ`⌒´)ノ ┫:・’.::・┻┻:・’.::・ Then, I got pressured by my father on being a NEET ( Not in Education , Employment and Training) hey, he’s the one that decided that my in take should be in September. (; ̄Д ̄)Currently, I’m in cram school for Japanese language. I am learning it officially for my Otome games! I AM SICK OF GETTING BAD ENDS!!!! 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 That’s about my normal life

As a female Otaku, I NEVER tried watching BL (Boys Love) anime. Actually I did but I quit right away. It’s because my conscience kept pestering me with lectures like You’re too young to be like your other friends. Wait until you’re older.Seriously, I think my conscience is my 2nd father.

Last week, I finally suck up the guts and watched Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. I always wanted to watch that after it came out and my friends recommended me to watch it. That’s how my first 3 days of normal life gets crumbled and I began to be addicted to Guy x Guy romance. Sekai Ichi was ok, Onodera and Takano were just trying to rekindle what they had lost due to miscommunication 10 years ago. It was a sweet story, not just that… Other pairs in the series were cute too! There’s Yukina with Kisa ; Hatori with Chiaki. Mai gad! All of them were voiced by hot listed seiyuus!  ゜+o。ワク(艸゚Д`〃)(〃´Д゚艸)ワク。o+゜

animepaper.netpicture-standard-anime-sekai-ichi-hatsukoi-op-single-202616-donicila-preview-279b3203 Official art of Sekai Ichi!!! ワク(((o(*゚∀゚*)o)))ワク

FTW, Onodera Ritsu will be my cosplan soon for a BL event next year! I can’t attend this year. (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩___-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)

The following 3 days later, I watched another part of Sekai Ichi ~ Junjou Romantica!!! Unlike Sekai Ichi, Junjou had a lot of drama but…. It was good as well….(´ω`★) Junjou focuses on Akihiko and Misaki more, but please give the other two pair more time. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

To be honest, I only watched Junjo was due to season 3 was coming soon this year and I saw the character design. ヽ(;゚;∀;゚; )ノキッモ And, Misaki was voiced by my favorite Seiyuu ~ Sakurai Takahiro!!  While I was watching the series, I kinda feel bad for Misaki since THE WHOLE Usami family guys > Akihiko’s half bro ~ Haruhiko aka Usagi-ani and Akihiko’s dad ~ Fuyuhiko aka Usagi-chichi were attracted to him like a magnet but seriously though one does not pester one just because they helped you out at the train station. キモス━(lll´Д`)━(lll´Д`)━!! Still, I can’t wait for season 3!!!

Junjou.Romantica.full.255048 Official art for Junjou ~ Aren’t the main couple adorable ~ ꒰ღ˘‿˘ற꒱❤

Since Junjou & Sekai Ichi were from the same sensei Nakamura Shungiku, I noticed that the Seme had square chin while the Uke had pointed chin.

Demotivational.Poster.full.1363951 I think most of you watched Junjou & Sekai Ichi You know those Charas!


I’m gonna go MIA again! Ciao ~o (^‿^✿)


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