I am back!!!!!

Mahathir My Family  ~ Mahathir

I am back from NS and my blog is practically dead & dirty after the last post. * Goes into Levi Heicho mode and starts to clean*

My NS life wasn’t what I was planning at first, 

why I say that because I got something that a lot of people wanted when they are at a new place.


I am popular with the boys there and I don’t know why….

Here’s a fact , 

When I want people to notice me , they DON’T ;

then when I DON’T want to be noticed ,

they  NOTICED me.

Worst of all , 

the boys literally FLIRTED with me!!!!

And I felt like I’m Christa from SnK while in reality ,

I am a mix of Hanji , Sasha & Annine.

    I had fun meeting people there but, 

my friends in KK City are IRREPLACEABLE,

the bonds I made with them are unbreakable.

‘ Things end…. But memories lasts forever.’

                                                – Lisanna


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