Last post for 2014


Mini HobbyCon 2014 ended yesterday November 30,

I had lots of fun.

I joined the solo cosplay competition and I gain a new EXP level. :DDDDDDDDDD

I only went to day 2 , I can’t go day 1 due to family outing….

My character for the event was Nanami Haruka from my favorite OtoGe series Uta no Prince-sama.

it’s my last event as a cosplayer for 2014,

I’ll be on a 3 months hiatus due to participation in National Service….

During the event,

I didn’t take photos with Syo & Otoya … TT w TT

Here are the pictures , credits to Charles Lai for a few photos.

official 2 Group photo

Official 3 My best friend Mori , she’s the winner for the competition. I kinda know she would win

Official 1 My Character Nanami Haruka Shining All Stars version, my other friends supported me when I was on stage.

Selfie with Camus

^ Selfie with my Camus for he is replacing them….

Selfie with Robin

^ Selfie with the greatest person on earth ROBIN!

Random Since Nanami got left out… She plays UtaPri game.

photo with Baymax Photo with Baymax , Sushi King event.

That’s all see you all next year!

Happy ( early ) new year and Merry ( early ) Christmas!!


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