New Interest

Recently…. More like months ago,

I started to gain interest in the popular TCG ( Trading Card Game )

Cardfight Vanguard

I was influenced by my juniors at school to play it.

I also bought my own deck!

It cost me my one week allowance and it was worth it!

  In mid 2011,

Vanguard was popular in Malaysia and I had no interest in it,

With the right friends ,

Things could change right?

  I am currently the owner of the latest deck – Royal Paladin ( Legion)

IMG_4679985954711   Royal Paladin , its so beautiful.

2014-08-17-12-08-36_deco  Where I store my VG cards , I havent buy the sleeves & holder YET

   Next month is OtaFuse 2014 and I cant wait to CardFight with my friends.