Gakuen K: The K Project Otome Game

「r e i n e 」


There was once a day I thought: “What if K Project becomes an otome game?” That question just suddenly (and randomly) popped on my mind a few days after the series had ended. Really – there wasn’t anything that obliged me to think about it, it just suddenly came. XD And honestly, I made some route headcanons too! (Gahd I never would bring that up again, yet I bookmarked a link of it the moment I shared it on Twitter zdgdxbxgbdxgbdfh ;;) Looking back to what I did that time, did I really predict that this would come so fast? K Project ended last 2012 (it was already a year after it ended) and up until now, the series continues to be very productive (thanks to GoRA and GoHands) with the announcement of an upcoming movie this year and several manga. There’s also a manga version of this game but…

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First post of 2014

 It’s finally 2014!

As I announced last year,

I won’t have any CosPlans this year due to I am a candidate for SPM .

Few days ago,

I got a gift from my friend!!

She went to Japan last year for the student exchanging program.

It was my last gift from her,

she is moving to Australia and I managed to get it from her before she leaves.

I really liked her gift and I’ll cherish it .

Here’s the  photo of what mt friend got me,

PicMonkey Collage My gift! FREE! Iwatobi Swim Club cup!!



Have a wonderful start of 2014!!!