HobbyCon 2013 finally ended

Last weekend was the long anticipated HobbyCon 2013.


it was my last event before I got locked up to do studying for my SPM ( public exam for students in Malaysia at the age of 17) I had a great time with my friends.

This year,

the committee  has invited Tuxedo Team from The Philippines as special guests along side with Kachang Puteh from Singapore.

They were all very friendly.

I took a lot of picture with them and it was the best experience ever!


I don’t buy things at HobbyCon.

This year I bought A LOT!

My loots  My loots from the event

Besides buying things I also took pictures as well!

There were the  main highlight of this post!


Day 1 compiled

1425427_618486811544622_1444358794_o This is my favorite, I requested the cosplayer to do this to my junior.
1462526_618488771544426_1485098892_o  Visual Kei cosplayers. Book Town & Gray. ( I don’t know the group they were cosing…)
1492131_455948584527127_842081991_o  Me and my partner for the day. KHR!!!
1492425_618488364877800_541771421_o  Very popular local cosplayer ~ Mokuto Rei. She is cosplaying as Eren Yaeger from Shingeki no Kyojin
1496104_618488524877784_2051769851_o  A friend that I haven’t met in a long time! Toku!! She is cosplaying as Ryugazaki Rei from FREE!
DSCN2298 Uta no Prince-sama Cosplayers! My camera only let me take STARISH x Nanami. It hates QUARTET NIGHT x Nanami. ;_; huehuehue…
1496337_618489094877727_1338973360_o  A photo with Tessie, she is cosplaying as Hanji Zoe from Shinegki no Kyojin. Hanji is my favorite character, so I have to take a picture with her.
Vogola Day 1 ~ Katekyo Hitman REBORN! group.

Day 2 Compiled

DSCN2307  My junior with her favorite character from Uta Pri!
DSCN2308  My overall favorite! my first photo with Jin & Miguel!! I had a feeling that Miguel is cosplaying as Tachibana Makoto….
DSCN2310  Me with UtaPri characters, sadly there is no Natsuki…. ;___; huehuehue
DSCN2312  My friend Vivian and her favorite character! I had to go through some obstacles to get Miguel’s attention…
DSCN2314  Aurelia with a kunai and she is trying to stab Makoto.
DSCN2315 Aurelia again, this this time with a Katana …. WHAT IS SHE DOING TO NAGISA?!
DSCN2319  Blondes~
DSCN2321 Shingeki no Free!
DSCN2323  Group photo of the characters in Free! Rin ‘s expression was like ‘ NO Haru!!! NOT SHARKY!!’
DSCN2331  Photo with Tuxedo Team & Kachang Puteh
DSCN2335 Photo with Rin but was photo bombed by Iwatobi team.
DSCN2337  Rin & Haru.
DSCN2333  Photo with Ringo-sensei!
DSCN2339  photo with Nanami from Kamisama Hajimemashita. FINALLY!!! A character that I admire from my favorite manga! Too bad no Tome… TT v TT
 DSCN2340 photo with Midorima Shintaro of Kuroko no Basuke. 
DSCN2346 Photo with Haruka, he is wearing a maid outfit.

DSCN2347 Jin is a fan of Naruto, luckily for my friend Chelsea. She cosplayed as Naruto! We had fun derping around.

DSCN2349 More derping with Jin this time with RASENGAN!
DSCN2351 Photo with Dom and he is cosplaying Rei from Free! aind he’s a Rei-ndeer!
DSCN2355 Photo with Homra’s leader. Suoh Mikoto. Even though I am a fan of Munakata Reisi, I am fangirling over him. /slaps



DSCN2364 Failed selfie with Aijima Cecil of UtaPri. I SUCK AT TAKING SELFIES!!


Magi Magi characters. Originally was a photo of Aladdin only,Hakuryuu photo bombed it.


DSCN2368 When there is no titian to kill, Levi Heicho is in party mode. This photo is really nice, but my friend spoiled it with her hands…


Jack Frost  Jack Frost from Rise of The Guardians. Christmas and Snow Day came early.


DSCN2358  Day 2~ DuRaRaRa!! group.


This  year was the best!


Day 2 has the most photos.


My camera was low on batt during Day 1.




Day 1 photos were all taken by my junior’s iPad.


She allowed me to use the photos.


If you guys are intrested in Tuxedo Team & Kachang Puteh,


drop by their DeviantART!


Tuxedo Team


Jin~ http://behindinfinity.deviantart.com


Miguel~ http://merkymerx.deviantart.com


Dom~ http://weakman.deviantart.com


Kachang Puteh


Tessie~ http://dorkodile.deviantart.com


Kitska~ http://kitska.deviantart.com





I hope to see them again!