HobbyCon 2013 is near!!!

      This Sunday is already December!!

And December is the time for HobbyCon in Kota Kinabalu!!!!

I am so excited!!!!

To be honest,

this year is my last year to attend HobbyCon.

Next year,

I’ll be facing SPM and I don’t want distractions.

Anyways  this year,

HobbyCon has invited Tuxedo Team from the Philippines!!

I am a HUGE fan of them!!

I’ve been stalking them since I first saw their cosplays!

When I heard the news,

I can’t hold myself!!!

This year,

I am leading TWO cosplay groups both on Day 1 & Day 2!!!


my groups are not complete.

Still lacking a few characters ….

Here are the characters that I am cosplaying this year:


Day 1~Chrome Dokuro from 【Katekyo Hitman REBORN!】

Fem Shizu

Day 2~ Gender Bender! Heiwajima Shizuo from 【DuRaRaRa!!】

This year,

I will do my best to make my last cosplay memorable!


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