Photos of OtaFuse Part 2 !

Here is part 2 ! Enjoy!!


DSCN1469 ( Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time)

DSCN1470 ( Sinbad from Magi )

DSCN1465 ( Gray as Visual Kei dunno what band/version….)

DSCN1464 ( Me with Romano from APH )

Neko Kuromu ( Me with Cat ears )

The Video(s) from OtaFuse:

That Summarizes OTAFUSE 2013!!! Stay Tuned for HOBBYCON 2013 & Maybe COMIC FIESTA 2013!!!


Photos of OtaFuse 2013

Two post in ONE day. As promised , Here are the Complied photos for OtaFuse 2013!


DSCN1445 ( My Bestie , Su as Yata Misaki )

DSCN1448 ( Uta Pri)

DSCN1450 ( K Project – Seri & Fushimi )

DSCN1451 ( K Project – Misaki 15 yrs old)

DSCN1461 ( Inu x Boku – Miketsukami Soushi)

DSCN1453 ( K Project – Misaki VS Fushimi)

DSCN1452 ( K project – SECEPTER4 VS HOMRA )

DSCN1447 (Me)

DSCN1361 ( Me with Akashi,  I Regret meeting this coser…)

DSCN1360 ( Me with the founder of Vongola!! PRIMO aka Giotto)

DSCN1462 ( Me with Judal )

DSCN1364 ( Me with GB! Kuroko )

DSCN1455 ( Me with Kiseki no Sedai , without Akashi , Murasakibara & Aomine )

DSCN1357 ( Me with cleaning heichou! )

DSCN1381 ( Me with Suigintou )

DSCN1355 ( Me with Rin, my bestie’s imoto )

DSCN1434 ( Me with Teikou! Kuroko )

DSCN1435 ( Somwhat failed selfie with Heroine from Amnesia )

DSCN1456 ( Me with Munakata Reisi , i WAITED ALL DAY FOR HIM!!! )

Part 2 will be out soon! With videos !!

Woah! Time flies so fast

OH MY GWAD!!! I have not blogged here for MONTHS!

Since I had been busy with life and school , I BARELY had time to update my blogs. Last week, OtaFuse was held at Asia City aka Star City North again! I had a great time there.

I met lots of new friends , they are all very friendly and nice. My characters that I have cosplayed is Chrome Dokuro on both days but different versions.

Day 1:


Day 2:


She is my currently most satisfied cosplay ever !

I Will upload the pictures soon!


Till Then~