Fun day yesterday

Yesterday was my school’s two years once Pasaria and it was FUN!

Me and my friends did Cosplay!

Since it’s my last year to contribute to this event , WHY not make it memorable.

A lot of people took picture with us , complimented on our costumes…

Even some of my friends from other school came to show support!

One of our teacher took pictures of us and it was really memorable.

I won’t forget this Pasaria even I graduated.

Will be posting the pictures soon!



Tomorrow is an epic school bazaar

My school bazaar is back again and this is my last year to contribute since the next bazaar  I won’t be around anymore. My school bazaar itw two years once so , I wil make it an epic memory with my friends.

This year, me and my friends are cosplaying and it is my friend’s first time . So, I decided that we go as the same gener – Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

will be posting the photos.

Photoshoot Part 1 – Vocaloids

Location: Tanjung Aru First Beach

Cosplayers: Minami , Hajiah Haime

Characters: Hatsune Miku , Megpoid Gumi

Dress code: Casual

Photographer : My Mom
Beach 1 ( Enjoying the ocean view )

Beach 2 ( Sun basking)

Miku and Gumi 2 (Joining Hands )

Miku and Gumi 3 ( Happy Synthesizer )

Miku and Gumi 1 (Default Pose)

Miku and Gumi 4 ( Random Portrait )