Uta no Prince-sama season 2

Uta no Prince-sama maji LOVE 2000%

I am not sure is this post consider as a review or not. I am JUST sharing my thoughts on the characters on this new anime.

Uta No Prince-sama SEASON 2 is FINALLY aired! I’m so excited!!!
The rating I give is 4/5 ( according to my opinion…) The senpais are AMAZING! My current favorite senpai is Mikaze Ai . The senpai for both Natsuki and Sho. Mikaze is a shota character, he doesn’t show much emotions. ( That made him a lot cuter! >W< )
Reiji-senpai (In my opinion ) is the average character , he is a really surprising character. But,I still prefer him wearing a fedora. As for Ranmaru-senpai, I don't have much comments on him. Same goes for Camus, the first episode didn't have much scenes for him.
Starish members changed a little , both Sho and Masato became a little mature , Tokiya and Ren remained the same ,while Natsuki and Otoya became 20% cuter! Especially Otoya, he is really cute!
I CAN'T wait for more episodes.