I’m excited about it!!! Why? Because I can FINALLY  go to the shop that I have been dying to go! The shop is called ‘ Reborn’ named after the anime ‘ Katekyo Hitman Reborn ‘ . I’m going to be a ‘Sakai ‘ when I stepped into the shop. Don’t blame me because I NEVER  went to the shop before. The shop used to have another shop near my house but, the shop wasn’t in business anymore. So, I have to go to the one that is quite far from my house.

Anyways, my Cosplay Plans changed big time. Luckily, it didn’t went over the budget . I’m planning to attend a really big event this year. The event is located at KL , it’s the best event in Malaysia- COMIC FIESTA. I had been DYING to attend the event. I am also making CosCard this year, feel free to get it from me at Hobbycon.  I will post about my confirm Cosplay plans within a few months.

Till then ~


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