My Cosplay history for 2012

the year 2012 is coming to an end and my cosplays this year were better than last year since last year i only did one new cosplay while this year I did two & i’m aiming to do more next year! I also aimed to attend Comic Fiesta & meet new friends there!


Chirstmas is around the corner

YAY It’s ALMOST the time of the year again! I’m excited! Maybe I should Cosplay as Orihime again since I FINALLY got her Shun Shun Rikka hair pins to complete the cosplay!!! I’m also starting to plan out next year’s cosplay plans since I’m planning to attend Comic Fiesta next year at KL …… I cant decide which character to cosplay yet, since i havent plan out my cash budget for next year!

 Anyways , Merry Christmas to everyone! 

Changing Plans , This weekend’s hobbycon 2012

Sigh, this weekend is FINALLY HOBBYCON 2012!!!!

My Plans changed at the last minute, since i didn’t get my Luka Wig on time and my little sister Isn’t Cosplaying and I had to ‘ take over ‘ for her….. So Here’s the new plans:

Day 1

Nyotalia Prussia  ( Gakuen)

Day 2

Orihime Inoue  ( Time skip)

Hatsune Miku ( Random Kimono )