Holidays are here!!!

It’s finally the long awaited school holidays , but it’s kinda boring though…… I’ve got NOTHING to do except play my otome games on my PSP and catch up with some animes I’ve missed……

Recently, I’m obsessed with Uta no Prince-sama! The game was AWESOME!!!!!  I also caught up with my favorite anime —–> Kamisama Hajimemashita . Next month will be the busiest month for me since both Bon Odori & Hobbycon were both held on that month!


My Cosplay plans for next month:

* Orihime Inoue —-> Bon Odori

* Nyotalia Prussia —> Hobbycon Day 1

* Luka Megurine JBF version —-> Hobbycon Day 2


My First Miku cosplay , do you guys think I should improve ? 🙂


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