Preview on my story

Hey, I’ve been working on a Story recently….. Here’s the preview :

  Samantha is a fifteen-year-old girl, and she lived a normal life. She had a friend named Amanda. Amanda’s cousin was Samantha’s pen pal, Mathias.

Samantha’s friendship with Mathias was progressing really well and Samantha just loved reading Mathias’ stories. But recently, Amanda broke Mathias’s arm by accident.

“I can’t believe you broke his arm, Manda!” Samantha shrieked at Amanda. Amanda just rolled her eyes and gave her a devious smile.

“Come on, Mantha. It was just an accident, loosen up!” Amanda retorted. Samantha didn’t want to go on with the argument and just rolled her eyes as she strolled into her classroom.

Three weeks had passed swiftly, Samantha’s friendship with Mathias turned sour because of their stupid argument of whether they should meet or remain as pen pals only.

“Mantha, I’ve got some bad news…” Amanda trailed off, looking sad. Samantha grew curious and turned to her friend. “What?” She asked bluntly, not really caring about what was bothering Amanda.

“It’s about Mathias.” Amanda had caught Samantha’s attention just at the mention of Mathias’ name. “What about him?” She asked Amanda.

“He’s going back to Canada, orders from his dad.” Amanda simply stated. Samantha flinched, looking sad. But when the thought of their latest argument filled her mind, all her sadness went away. She could care less if he was moving away.

“That’s his own problem. I could care less.” Samantha coldly stated.

“But Sam…he’s leaving after our two weeks break!”



I’m SO HAPPY !!!!!


And, I’m just As excited as usual