Fall 2018 Anime Watch List

Hey Potatots, Summer is ending in a few days and here is my watch list for Fall 2018. As usual, Familiarity with seiyuu is the top priority.


Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu


BL, pure BL.

Gakuen Basara


Tbh, I am more hyped about Basara more than other of the series I am watching for fall. It had been YEARS since an anime adaptation of the popular Capcom Musou game, Sengoku Basara



Original source, mobile otome game.

The iDOLM@STER SideM: Wake Atte Mini!

Imas SideM

SideM needs love Imas fans. Q v Q

Shuudengo, Capsule Hotel de, Joushi ni Binetsu Tsutawaru Yoru


Ecchi, just what I need to keep me sane for my Degree semester

Probably watching…



Yeap, prior to the announcement of JJBA part 5; I am falling into the Jojo hell. Probably will watch this IF I finish Part 1, 2 & 4


What will you all be watching for Fall 2018?


Hacked for a week straight

Hi Potatots,

I am had a week of mayhem last week, my long-time Instagram account the original Koimo_Potato was hacked and stolen by Russian Hackers last week and I can’t get the account back. I am very angry at that as I have a lot of pictures and memories of my cosplay journey. Then, I made another account; which is also the same koimo_potato. AFTER A FEW DAYS, IT WAS STOLEN BY RUSSIANS AGAIN?! I MEAN WTF, THERE IS NOTHING FOR YOU TO STEAL THE FFS!

To pour salt onto my wounds, my steam account was also hacked and stolen that week as well. Dear GOD, I PLAY OTOME GAMES IT’S NOTHING PRICEY FOR YOU!

As of now, my new Instagram is Kinta_Minami. If you want to follow me, PLEASE drop me a DM on Insta so I can approve you. Seriously, I need to write in Russian for those people to understand.

My May – Aug Semester is coming to an end, I pray that I could go into degree smoothly or I will have to take drastic measures on my College. And, some update for my Year End Taiwan trip, I am not able to spend NYE at Taipei so… on the first few days in Taipei, I WILL try to go to Animate TW & Lashinbang TW to get merch and tour around.

Mid/Late 2018 updates

Hey guys,

We are halfway through Summer season. And, here are some updates for my activities for Mid/Late 2018 as I might be finally taking on my Degree course on Journalism. I might be balancing out event attending and my dreams to GTFO of my home country to finish off my final years.

Mid 2018

  1.  Hypnosis Mic Cosplay debut
  2. FGO Summer Servants photoshoot
  3. Events that I will be attending: NAF, MGACE
  4. Touken Ranbu x FGO photoshoot

Late 2018

  1. Taiwan Trip with Family in December
  2. Photoshoot in Taiwan (FGO & Hypnosis Mic)

I am so thrilled that I will be returning to Taiwan again this year, although I did visit there last year. This time, I’ll be bringing along my cosplays to make new friends around Taipei as I was not able to last year except making new friends in conjunction with the Animate Cafe event.

I will also be spending NYE in Taipei with my family, so excited even though it’s not my ideal way to spend NYE but I can’t pass on the chance to go to Taiwan again. See you all soon~

VAX 2018 afterthoughts

Hello Potatots, July is ending and one of the coolest events in Malaysia had ended and IT WAS A BLAST! I am honored to be sponsored by my college’s anime club that I had been part of for almost 4 years to be the representative for the event. I went to the event for free~ hahahahaha… Other than that, Cure World Cosplay had a booth that’s a few blocks away from my college’s booth… (No photo but, I am really lucky to be so close to the company that I enjoy being part of their online community) Mr. Tatsumi Inui, the head of CWC brought over some new cosplayers that I have not met before and fortunately for my lousy beginner’s Japanese I managed to make friends with all of them as we all have one thing in common, IDOL HELL.


VAX D1 2.jpg

My 2018 photo with Tatsumi-san, the last time I saw him was in 2016 He is a really nice person

Vax D1 1.jpg

My new friends from Japan that I instantly clicked with after a short conversation about Idol stuff… Makoto > Tapioca, Haru > Yun, Nagisa > Chihiro I really miss them huhuhu

Other than my 3 new friends/ comrades for idol hell, Reika was also in attendance. I met her last year on a surprise legit Ice skating themed event… But, it’s good to see her again. I had fun interacting with her for the two days, Day 2 I had the most fun as I am cosplaying as Mordred from FGO; she was Arthur Pendragon… So many shenanigans from my side.


Vax D2 1.jpg

My favorite photo from VAX 2018, I let Reika use my phone for this particular improv op


I made connections with mostly all the cosplayers that were affiliated with Cure World Cosplay, they were really friendly once you small talk with them. I do hope to visit them in Japan in the near future Next Year?


Vax D2 2.jpg

And, if you UtaPri fans think this Ren is familiar; she is a member of the Utapri performance group Stage On. Shiho is the first Japanese cosplayer I talked to during VAX as she was cosplaying my favorite characters for the event

To be honest, I was not really aware that Shiho is from Stage On a dance group that I look up to until I read my friend’s post. I was casually talking to her as a fan of a series to a fan. And, she is really looking forward to see my Nanami cosplay and would love to collab with me for any shoots. I really need to improve my Nanami cosplay.

The last guest that I had small talk with is Pains, he is a really friendly guy. I was not expecting him to cosplay as my really protective and possessive touken danshi husband Hasebe for this event. Anywho, I finally get to see a REAL Hasebe cosplayer in front of my face. Thank god, I brought my Nendo Hasebe to the event and, boy… I did not regret it.





Hasebe yamestop.jpg

Big Hasebe, Yamete… Your jealousy is seeping…

Lastly, My usual antics with my friends at the event are always the MVP.


Taking out the Trash.jpg

Two Arthurs casually Taking out the trash 


Mordred no.jpg



See you all in the next post~

– Koimo



Amai choubatsu Watashi wa kanshu senyou pet Review

Hey Potatots,

This is a delayed Spring Season anime review Yay ~ I finally found the source to watch this series online, and you all wouldn’t expect to find it there. Where is there you might ask? A hentai website, considering AmaPet is a hentai I am not really that surprised to find it in the usual sites I linger for heavy smut ideas. Anywho back to AmaPet…

AmaPet is about a girl Saotome Hina, she was sent to prison for being falsely accused of tax fraud in her company and she was left under the eye of the sadistic prison guard, Myouin Aki. It’s heavy on hentai, NTR etc… The weak of heart, please do not watch it.

The story for AmaPet is mediocre as it is not intriguing like SouMaji or Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji. It’s really plain usual Hentai NTR story, the characters are also bland. Not enough sparks to draw us in. However, some character development is as dull as a rock. Not given enough time to shine, even though it is a 3-minute hentai it is just not enough.

Honestly, this is the shortest review I had given by far, I am sincerely not happy with this series. It’s trying too hard to be like SouMaji. In my own thoughts, this is better of being a full 20+ minutes hentai. It being shorts is just ugh….




Story: 5/10

Character: 5/10

Music: 5/10

Overall: 5/10

What Would I Be Watching for Summer 2018

Hey Potatots~

Summer is here, and you guys know the drill~ My watching list is here. And, I’ll be choosing by seiyuu based as usual.


Fate Extra P2

Fate/ Extra Season 2

Finally, after MUCH waiting Gorilla* is here!

*FGO Joke, please google or ask your FGO friends what this means


Free! Dive to The Future

Make us Free na splash kasa ne ta ~ FREE! IS BACK BABY. Gay swimmers are back~ I’m a HUGE Free fan, I am not dropping this. I love Free too much to abandon it.

yume 100

Yume 100

Mobile game adaptation, I do hope it doesn’t disappoint me. For those who are new to this series, Yume 100 is a puzzle game on the smartphone that is currently very popular with girls in the Asian ACG community.



Just like Yume 100, Senjuushi is also a mobile game adaption anime. I am currently playing the game. I do hope this lives up to my standards. Also like Yume 100, Senjuushi is also available now to download.

Banana fish

Banana Fish

This is from Studio MAPPA, the same studio that gave us Yuri on Ice a year ago, I sincerely hope that this would be as good as Yuri on Ice.


Phantom in The Twilight

An Original Story from Happy Elements, the company responsible for my current Idol Hell contract, Ensemble Stars. The CV casting is so beautiful that I could cry as half of the male Seiyuus I am supporting are lending their voice to this.


So far, these would be my fixed watch list for Summer 2018. I may be adding some more if THAT anime is joining Summer 2018. That anime would be, Gakuen Basara! As a fellow Sengoku Basara trash. I WILL drop anything for it. So, what will you be watching for Summer 2018?


Wotaku Ni Koi Wa Muzukashii Review

Spring season is coming to an end; it is hard to say goodbye to some of this season’s anime. Alas, all good things must come to an end. This season we were blessed by a VERY relatable anime since last year’s Watshi Moutete Dousunda aka Kiss Him, Not Me.

Wotakoi is relatable due to its setting; real-life working adults that love anime, manga all things that label one as an ‘Otaku’. It hit us to the guts as soon as we watch Wotakoi, the situation the characters face are deja vu for everyone as we would be like ‘Oh god, I’ve been there. It’s pretty awkward…’ The storytelling is like a typical shoujo manga with bits of real-life situation here and there. At first glance, people would disregard this series as it is animated by A1 Pictures, yes A1 Pictures have hit or misses. But, please don’t judge a book by its cover.

Back to Wotakoi, the music accommodates the series well, both the opening and ending were good and catchy. You’ll lie to yourself if you did not memorize or sing along to the opening. While watching Wotakoi, you would not feel alienated by the characters as both Hirotaka and Momose reflects the Asian working adult otaku lifestyle.

Overall, Wotakoi is a good series that will make you feel wholesome and you’ll also appreciate your friends more. If you have not watch Wotakoi, please do. You are missing out a lot. And, if you are interested in the manga, it is equally good. I would recommend you to go to your local Kinokuniya to buy it. Volume 1 is translated into English.


Story: 8.5/10

Character Development: 8.8/10

Music: 8.6/10

Overall: 9/10


Free Talk from Minami

Wotakoi hits me in the guts personally as I had been into Momose’s situation last year for my internship, it’s really hard hiding the obvious fact that being an otaku while working and not let your boss find out your weird side is hard enough. It’s sad to say goodbye to a really relatable anime. I do hope all the new and upcoming anime and manga have this kind of concept. See you guys for Summer 2018! some anime are back ~