Happy New Year 2019

Hi Potatots!

Happy New Year! I know, Baked Potatotes have not been active as of 2018, I apologize as University life is hard and being a degree student, I hardly had time for writing.

Anywho, may the year of the Pig bring us prosperity and luck~

あけましておめでとう! みんなさん


Buying Merch – Original vs Non Original

Hi Potatots! It had been months, I am back with a heavy topic issues after staying quiet for so long no thanks to my Degree life in university. This topic is more of an Asian ACG community issue as buying merch in the Asian community is like a life and death problem. I am not sure how is the Western community on with buying merch. 

 We all know the ACG community is lowkey toxic with the fandoms sprouting from it. However; niche series are EXTREMELY toxic. The community is small and everyone in the community is sort of elitist on it. One of the sub fandom that caught my eye to start this post is the Chinese Animation fandom. Currently, the Chinese Animation fandom is a super niche market as it is still growing after the super popular animation Quan Zhi Gao Shou AKA The King’s Avatar. Now; a BL/Yaoi themed animation sprouted into instant popularity, Mo Dao Zhu Shi (MDZS). 

 The incident happened a few days after C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore (C3 AFA SG) ended as a fan for MDZS called out a local Singaporean vendor in the event for selling non official merch from Taobao. It’s a common thing in SEA based event that vendors would sell Taobao bought things. Cause not EVERYONE could afford things from Taobao as THE PROCEDURE TO BUY FROM TAOBAO IS A PAIN IN THE FUCKING ASS! It is understable for sellers that buy from Taobao to charge a few buck more from what they initially bought from Taobao as SHIPPING from China is FUCKING EXPENSIVE. I am a Taobao agent myself, I know how much the shipping is NOT including the extra charges Alipay charges us as we buy the item. A Chinese saying sums up well on doing business, 商人不做虧本生意. Which means, merchants wouldn’t do a busniess deal that would make them lose profit. 

   My own thoughts on buying merch is simple, if you have the money and dedication; do buy the original merch to support and donate to the series itself. And if you don’t have the initiative, just do whatever you want with your money. It is your blood ,sweat and tears from working your ass off from your job. I learnt it the hard way on shunning people that can’t afford official merch.  However, if you are interested to buy official merchs. Do check out http://www.amiami.com  https://www.animate.shop/   

 In conclusion, there is nothing to be salty about others buying non official merch as NOBODY HAS THE MONEY TO AFFORD OFFICIAL MERCH. And yes, I am well aware that certain series doesn’t allow the selling of non official merchandises, but you are in no position to tell others to not do it ESPECIALLY in China which copyright claims are NOT VALID there. However, if you are hurt or offended after reading this, please change your attitude towards people who buy non official merch. It’s easier that way. 

I will be travelling to Taiwan on the 18th of December until 2nd of January 2019~ 

My itabag collection that is filled with official merch. I don’t have pictures for my unofficial merchs :C

Barely Alive

Hi Potatots

Hi Potatots! I know it had been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long since my last post. My degree life had been keeping me very busy. I had no time to do overdue reviews from Summer season 2018; now I can’t even enjoy cosplay like I used to.  On the bright side, in December; I will be traveling to Taiwan again. 

 Look forward to my Taiwan trip to get away from this year’s bad experiences.  See you guys soon~

Gudako Cosplay – Halloween 2018

Hi Potatots~

I’m very busy with my degree life, I haven’t had time writing reviews for the Summer 2018 animes. But, last Wednesday was Halloween and I did Gudako as my costume.  All of the photoshoots was impromptu as my only class on that day was canceled.

Photographer: QiQi

Edit: Me



Fall 2018 Anime Watch List

Hey Potatots, Summer is ending in a few days and here is my watch list for Fall 2018. As usual, Familiarity with seiyuu is the top priority.


Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu


BL, pure BL.

Gakuen Basara


Tbh, I am more hyped about Basara more than other of the series I am watching for fall. It had been YEARS since an anime adaptation of the popular Capcom Musou game, Sengoku Basara



Original source, mobile otome game.

The iDOLM@STER SideM: Wake Atte Mini!

Imas SideM

SideM needs love Imas fans. Q v Q

Shuudengo, Capsule Hotel de, Joushi ni Binetsu Tsutawaru Yoru


Ecchi, just what I need to keep me sane for my Degree semester

Probably watching…



Yeap, prior to the announcement of JJBA part 5; I am falling into the Jojo hell. Probably will watch this IF I finish Part 1, 2 & 4


What will you all be watching for Fall 2018?


Hacked for a week straight

Hi Potatots,

I am had a week of mayhem last week, my long-time Instagram account the original Koimo_Potato was hacked and stolen by Russian Hackers last week and I can’t get the account back. I am very angry at that as I have a lot of pictures and memories of my cosplay journey. Then, I made another account; which is also the same koimo_potato. AFTER A FEW DAYS, IT WAS STOLEN BY RUSSIANS AGAIN?! I MEAN WTF, THERE IS NOTHING FOR YOU TO STEAL THE FFS!

To pour salt onto my wounds, my steam account was also hacked and stolen that week as well. Dear GOD, I PLAY OTOME GAMES IT’S NOTHING PRICEY FOR YOU!

As of now, my new Instagram is Kinta_Minami. If you want to follow me, PLEASE drop me a DM on Insta so I can approve you. Seriously, I need to write in Russian for those people to understand.

My May – Aug Semester is coming to an end, I pray that I could go into degree smoothly or I will have to take drastic measures on my College. And, some update for my Year End Taiwan trip, I am not able to spend NYE at Taipei so… on the first few days in Taipei, I WILL try to go to Animate TW & Lashinbang TW to get merch and tour around.

Mid/Late 2018 updates

Hey guys,

We are halfway through Summer season. And, here are some updates for my activities for Mid/Late 2018 as I might be finally taking on my Degree course on Journalism. I might be balancing out event attending and my dreams to GTFO of my home country to finish off my final years.

Mid 2018

  1.  Hypnosis Mic Cosplay debut
  2. FGO Summer Servants photoshoot
  3. Events that I will be attending: NAF, MGACE
  4. Touken Ranbu x FGO photoshoot

Late 2018

  1. Taiwan Trip with Family in December
  2. Photoshoot in Taiwan (FGO & Hypnosis Mic)

I am so thrilled that I will be returning to Taiwan again this year, although I did visit there last year. This time, I’ll be bringing along my cosplays to make new friends around Taipei as I was not able to last year except making new friends in conjunction with the Animate Cafe event.

I will also be spending NYE in Taipei with my family, so excited even though it’s not my ideal way to spend NYE but I can’t pass on the chance to go to Taiwan again. See you all soon~